Web Based Java Projects

       Web based Java Projects is a leading service that providing marvellous support for students and research scholars. We created this service with the great source of our expert’s knowledge and learning experience. There are many possibilities to work on Web based Java Projects. As of today, we do not require much knowledge in Java hence you get the continuous learning experience from our top experts. We shared awesome idea for a project in JSP, JPA and Servlets. Students, who are beginners in Java based Web programming you just focus on the three major components such as Frontend (Angular JS and JSP), Backend (Servlet) and Database (JDBC). There are too many Java technologies we will use to create the web based Java projects. Our students are all my stars and we all have the magic inside of us.

Web based Java Projects

       Web based Java Projects makes every day your best day in the world. For the past 15+ years, we have focused on research based projects and we regularly work with commercial technology development. We have a wide range network of universities and colleges for the past 15+ years and we always provide quality work to students. We provide web based Java projects in various research areas: privacy and security, systems and protocols, human computer interaction, and web of things. Let’s consider the following few ideas for your web based Java projects,

Web based Java Projects Topics

  • Server configuration
  • Authentication bypass
  • Authentication mechanisms
  • Application language configuration
  • Cross site request forging
  • Web services with related flaws
  • Infrastructure security
  • Business logic flaws
  • XQUERY and XPATH languages and injection
  • Protective HTTP headers
  • Authentication Mechanisms
  • Application coding errors (e.g. SQL injection)

      In the research fields, we know the best among Java programming. Web of Things is the current research field, which is used in web applications and sensor networks. The Web of Things (WoT) research areas cover

  • Social Web
  • Programmable Web
  • Semantic Web
  • Real-Time Web
  • Web of Data
  • Physical Web, etc.

The future of Web of Things includes:

  • Real-time communication using physical objects (e.g. AMQP, WebSocket, WebRTC)
  • Semantic technologies on the web
  • Privacy, security, access control of physical things on the web
  • Web tool applications and techniques in the physical world (e.g. HTML5, Social Networks, REST, 6lowpan)
  • Web based search, physical machups, discovery and composition
  • Integration of embedded devices and wireless sensor networks
  • Web of Things in cloud platforms and services
  • Integration of Smart Things to Web

Web of Things Research Topics

  • A novel study for Services Rating Based On Privacy-Ontology in Semantic Web of Things
  • An effective method for Findability Issues on Constrained Web of Things in a Smart Home Environment
  • A new source for Security provisioning based on RESTful web services in Internet of Things
  • The fresh process for Decentralized configuration of embedded web services based on smart home applications
  • A New source for Robot Assistant in Management of Diabetes in Children Based on the Internet of Things
  • An effectual performance for Webized augmented reality mashup based on legacy things
  • The novel technique of Distributed Agent-Based on Approach for Optimal QoS Selection in Web of Object Choreography
  • An effective method for web of Thing Relation Modeling based in Internet of Things
  • A fresh Web of things objects method based on energy efficiency for smart home IoT service provisioning
  • A new technology for Caching based Peer-to-Peer Service on Discovery by Internet of Things
  • An efficient web process for Model-Driven Development Patterns mechanism for Mobile Services in Cloud of Things
  • The novel technology for Exploiting IoT services by integrating emotion recognition in Web of Objects things
  • A fresh mechanism for Hypermedia APIs based on Web of Things
  • An efficient performance for Dynamically Exposing and Controlling Physical Devices by Expanding Web of Things Scheme
  • The new-fangled mechanism for Web of Things based eco-system for urban computing – towards smarter cities
  • An innovative performance process for Web of Augmented Things
  • The new technique for Services Rating Based On Privacy-Ontology in Semantic Web of Things