Projects in Advanced Java

     Projects in Advanced Java are a major milestone for students during the final year study period. When you started your final year projects in advanced Java, you need to take a lot of reference material and assistance to make a single project. The Projects in Advanced Java is providing High Tech Project Training to all the Engineering and Doctorate students mainly in Java technologies and tools with exposure to real-time. We provide world class interactive environment for students where the students feel comfortable and enjoyable. We conduct various training programs, seminars, workshops to equip the students to expertise and experience in 3600 of Java Programming. We have a Large Research Team who care of you and your project completion. If you are looking for projects in advanced Java, you may contact us by phone or mail.

Projects in Advanced Java

    Projects in Advanced Java is a very cooperative platform which provides both Mini projects as well as Major projects. Presently, we are the part of various scientific journals including IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, ACM, InderScience, ScienceDirect and many more. With the help of this we have the ability to create innovative ideas for student’s projects. Our experts expertise in the areas of analysis, design, coding, development, testing and implementations using J2EE, Java Swing, PLAY, Spring, Web Services, etc.


  • Programming Languages (Java, J2EE, JavaScript, Integrated Programming (e.g. Java+Matlab))
  • Web Servers (Karaf, Play, Tomcat)
  • Operating Systems (Linux/Unix, Windows)
  • J2EE Frameworks (RESTFul web services, Spring 3.x.x)
  • Design Tools and Concepts (UML, Matlab, Rational Rose)
  • Graphical User Interface (Swing, AngularJS)
  • ORM Frameworks (Hibernate, Open JPA)
  • Healthcare Technologies (HL7, IHE, DICOM)
  • Code Repository (SVN, MS-Source, Perforce)
  • Unit Testing (Karma, Jasmin, JUnit)
  • Automated Testing (Selenium, Thucydides)
  • Java Framework (JPA, Hibernate, Play, Spring)
  • Database (Sybase, MySQL Server)
  • Build Tools (Ant, Gradle, SBT, Maven)
  • Concepts (Synchronization, Multithreading and OOPs)
  • Web Technologies (AngularJS, AJAX, Bootstrap, HTML, Javascript, CSS, XML)
  • Java IDEs (STS, Eclipse, Visual Studio, NetBeans)

Latest Topics for Projects in Advanced Java

  • An effective mechanism for single-stage LED driver with in high frequency pulse
  • The new process of performance for Boolean equations to massively parallel computing systems by Educating hardware design
  • An efficient mechanism for Architectural Imperatives of Fog Computing with Use Cases, Requirements, and Architectural Techniques based on Fog-Enabled IoT Networks
  • The new process of variation  in concentration factor and interdot distance based on InxGa1−xN/GaN QD—IBSC
  • An effective mechanism for Unified Flexible Fog and Cloud Computing Architecture in 5G Networks
  • A new mechanism for Fog Computing Based on Face Identification and Resolution Scheme by Internet of Things
  • An Efficient joint subcarrier and power allocation mechanism for achieving green multiuser full-duplex decode-and-forward by relay networks
  • An effective performance for Renewable Energy into CRAN toward Green Wireless Access Networks
  • A new novel technology of Green radio and energy efficient architecture for next generation cellular networks