Projects Based on Java

     Projects Based on Java have become an important part of our organization. The main goals of this service are provide latest project ideas and gives you code based on Java, HTML, MySQL, Oracle database and HTML. Over the past few years, we provide a collection of 10,000 projects based on Java, each of which implemented using innovative ideas and popular tools. Our organization has ISO 9001.2000 certification that ultimately helps advance research scholars in pursuing PhD or MS programme. In particular, we will enable students to participate in project training programmes such as workshops, seminars, and conferences. We offer project training in the areas of error repair, code synthesis, and program understanding and also discuss the list of new tools and see how the code is working. If you have any queries related to your project, you are most welcome to our company. We shall deliberate and solve your doubts.

Projects Based on Java

   Projects Based on Java is the best place that working on methods, algorithms and techniques for students and doctorate researchers. Java is a more intelligent tool that interested in developing real-time projects. In this page, we discuss the various research approaches and topics in the wide area of Intelligent Software Engineering. Some sub-areas to be explored by our top-experts which are following:

  • Agile software and learn methods
  • Automatic software generation vs. reuse systems
  • Data mining for software engineering
  • Data fusion on software engineering
  • Human compute interaction
  • Knowledge acquisition and management
  • Mobile app development
  • Mobile code security tools and techniques
  • Medical informatics and software methods
  • Meta modelling and domain modelling
  • Ontology cognitive models aspects on software design
  • Reengineering and reverse engineering
  • Software development techniques and legacy systems
  • Software analysis and architecture design
  • User centered adoption centric reengineering techniques

Let’s also look at the Java Tools supported for Software Engineering,

  • Coverity (Java source code analysis tool)
  • Direct Web Remoting (Open source Ajax library)
  • Emma (Java code coverage tool)
  • Guice (Dependency injection framework)
  • Jalopy (Java code formatter)
  • JProbe (Java code toolkit for tuning software performance)
  • PMD (Java source code analyser)
  • PurifyPlus (Dynamic code analysis tool)
  • Sematic Designs (Analysis, migrating and testing tools)
  • TeamCity (Java and .NET integrated tool)
  • UModel (Java code generation for UML modelling)
  • Wicket (Java web development framework)

Sample Projects based on Java

  • An intend practice of Predicting liberation competence into Iterative Software Development system
  • A new-fangled process of Multi-discipline agile development with reliability as well as maintainability
  • An effective function of Ontology based on Multiagent Effort Estimation scheme used for Scrum Agile Method
  • The reserve method of Automatic Synthesis along with Adaption of Gray-Box Components intended for implanted Systems by Reuse versus Optimization scheme
  • An innovative mechanism for Mining Twitter Data designed for a More Responsive Software Engineering Process
  • A new source of Systematic Mapping study of Software Development by GitHub practice
  • An inventive purpose of Multiple Attributes Decision Fusion meant for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Intuitionist Fuzzy Set system
  • The successful process of Information fusion with data-driven processing in inertial measurement units intended for cyber-physical systems
  • The new process of knitter system based on resilient single-user indoor floor plan construction and high speed practice
  • An efficient method for Analytical Test Effort inference designed for Multisensor Driver Assistance Systems
  • An inventive process of Actuators task assignment algorithm with its application used for WSAN
  • The fresh function of Re-ranking Person Re-identification by k-Reciprocal Encoding system
  • A competent process of Saliency Prior Context Model in favor of Real-Time Object Tracking
  • An inventive process of SilentTalk scheme based on Lip reading through ultrasonic sensing on mobile phones
  • A novelty process of Feature selection based on Choquet integral intended for human activity recognition system
  • An effective performance of empirical investigation based on knowledge management into Vietnamese by SMEs
  • A Determination function of time criteria intended for assessment into Learning Management Systems