Java Projects

   Java Projects provide the best projects to students. We provide complete project requirements for each Java projects and we are experts in data mining, source computing, neural networks, internet of things, artificial intelligence, web based solutions, communications, etc.  Java programming language is popular since it provides strong foundation of source code, tools, libraries and frameworks that makes Java easier among students. Java is a compiled language that can be run in a virtual machine (without browser) or a browser. Are you looking for Java projects related consultation, paper writing services, contact us or drop one mail.

Java Projects

   Java Projects offer full-fledged project development training for a wide range of countries worldwide. Our Java project experts develop a wide range of software with help of various Java frameworks like spring, Hibernate etc.  1 year is equal to 365 opportunities. Every day we provide wonderful opportunities for students to achieve their dream. In a Java projects development, our experts are able to integrate various dynamic programming languages as required by customers. Here are some of those dynamic programming languages are listed,

Interfacing Java with Matlab

-You can use the following aspects in Matlab,

  • Java Functions – import, isjava, javaaddpath, javaArray, javachk, javaclasspath, javaMethod, javaMethodEDT, javaObject, javaObjectEDT, javarmpath, usejava
  • Java Classes – exception.JavaException
  • Java Arrays, Java Methods, Java Objects
  • Supported software – Eclipse, NetBeans, Tomcat Server,

Interfacing Java with FORTRAN, C, C++

  • Integrate using JNI (Java Native Interface)
  • Use JNA API to integrate Java with FORTRAN

Interfacing Java with .NET

  • Approaches to interconnect Java with .NET

             -Port the .NET Platform



             -Bytecode Translation

             -Visual J#

             -Web services

  • jni4net (bridge between .NET and Java)

Interfacing Java with Python

-You can interface Java with Python using

  • Jython (Java based Python Library)
  • p2j (command to convert Python into Java)
  • voc (command to converts python code into Java byte code)
  • JCC (C++ code generator to generate Java code from Python/C++)
  • Jepp (Java Embedded Python)
  • Javabridge (Java package to interface CPython with JVM)
  • py4j (Python command to run Java commands)

Let’s check the sample source codes to integrate Java with Matlab and .NET,

/*Source code to interface Java with Matlab*/

//Java code

import javax.swing.*
J = JFrame(‘Hi there’)
L = JLabel(‘A Label’);
P = J.getContentPane
// Save and compile “”

//Type Matlab command

>>importVectorChooser % access Java Code of VectorChooser

>>v = VectorChooser(4)

/*Source code to interface Java with .NET (Bridging Approach)*/

import net.sf.jni4net.*;


import java.lang.String;

import system.*;

import system.Object;

import system.collections.IDictionary;

import system.collections.IEnumerator;

public class j2Dotnet


public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException


// Bridge creation with default setup



//Java to .NET calling…

Console.WriteLine(“this my java to .NET call function code!\n\n”);

Dictionary ccev = system.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariables();

IEnumerator Ikeys = cev.getKeys().GetEnumerator();

while (Ikeys.MoveNext())


system.String Jk = (system.String) keys.getCurrent();


Console.Write(” ===> “);

Object value = ev.getItem(k);

String num2str = value.toString();





List of Applications build by Integrating Java with other languages

  • User data management
  • Develop social and mobile infrastructure
  • Big data applications (Integrate MongoDB with Java)
  • Content management applications
  • Integrate two social networks i.e. Twitter and Facebook
  • Database based desktop applications
  • Microservices creation using Spring Boot

Latest Java Projects Topics using Dynamic Programming Languages

  • A MatTrader framework for automated trading and financial data analysis based on Matlab and Java
  • On the use of Just-In-Time Compilation for SNC based on a Jython Cloud Service Platform by Symbolic-Numeric Computation
  • A new process of Browser based Interactive web application for exploring matrices of neural connectivity
  • The successful practice of Big-Data in Climate Change Models based on by Hadoop MapReduce using via Java
  • On using Planar Visual Word Pairs and Height function for Stereo Image Retrieval based on Matlab with Java programming
  • A new-fangled process of Real-Time Identity Deception Detection Techniques for Social Media by using Java
  • An innovative process of Coordinating and Combining Co-located Mobile Devices for Visual Data Exploration using Java with .NET
  • A designing process of Mobile Applications based on Cross-Platform for Access-Rights Analysis
  • A Framework function for Short Messaging Service under Unified Communication based on Enterprise Application of Security in Android Devices
  • Design Web & Android based on file sharing progression for Hardware monitoring and control system