Latest Java Projects

     Latest Java Projects provide a much appreciated service for engineering students and research scholars. Our top experts have proficient knowledge of Java platforms (Java EE, Java SE, Java ME), JDBC, Multithreading and Collections APIs. This is due to our 15+ years of experience in the field of research. Our organization contains 150+ world class experts who are expert in various programming languages like Java, Python, .NET, Matlab and also have core competency in integrated technologies like Java with Matlab, Java with Python, Java with .NET, Java with network simulation tools. Research proposal preparation, problem definition, literature survey writing, journal paper writing are other valuable services providing by our technical staffs. We can arrange seminars, workshops and conferences for students who are studying in a same college or university. During this, we contribute about latest technologies in Java. If you want to know more about our latest Java projects, please send one mail.

Latest Java Projects

      Latest Java Projects is a part of our organization to give something innovative and imaginative for our clients. You can get the new project with source code which implemented using latest technology. Today information technology is growing in a peak. Among these Java is an evergreen technology which is highly support for academic students. We provide full-fledge support for students who studying B.E, B.Tech, M.E, M.Tech, M.Phil, PhD and MS. Let’s try to work on the following latest Java projects technologies,

  • Big data and cloud supported databases such as Cassandra, Flink, Kafka, Spark, etc.
  • Javaslang/Akka, ReactiveX for Object Oriented Java programming
  • Java EE with JSPs and Servlets for Web Apps Development
  • Support Java Decompiler Tools

                  -JD-core (building Java code from more than classes)

                  -JD-GUI (standalone graphical utility to display Java codes)

                  -JD-Eclipse (Eclipse platform plugin)

                  -JD-IntelliJ IDEA (IntelliJ IDEA plugin)

  • JavaMail 1.6.0 (latest stable version) for OAuth2 Authentication)
  • Implement Java programs in popular environments
  • Running JDK in Docker Containers

Latest Java Projects Ideas

  • Online everything like online shopping from main street shopping to malls
  • Email, cloud, and the Internet on Internet of Things
  • Moving wired phones to smartphones
  • Networks, PCs, sharing data to electronic payments
  • Spring Data, Security, Boot based projects
  • Groovy based web applications
  • Load balancing or API gateway
  • Relational and non-relational databases capability analysis
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Cloud persistent storage

/* Sample Java code Scan Virus using ClamAV antivirus */



import net.taldius.clamav.ClamAVScanner;

import net.taldius.clamav.ClamAVScannerFactory;

public class ClamAVUtil {

private String clamdHost;

private String clamdPort;

private String connTimeOut;

private ClamAVScanner scanner;

public void setClamdHost(String clamdHost){

this.clamdHost = clamdHost;


public String getClamdHost(){

return this.clamdHost;


public void setClamdPort(String clamdPort){

this.clamdPort = clamdPort;


public String getClamdPort(){

return this.clamdPort;


public void setConnTimeOut(String connTimeOut){

this.connTimeOut = connTimeOut;


public String getConnTimeOut(){

return this.connTimeOut;


public void initScanner(){



int connectionTimeOut = Integer.parseInt(connTimeOut);

if (connectionTimeOut > 0) {



this.scanner = ClamAVScannerFactory.getScanner();


public ClamAVScanner getClamAVScanner() {

return scanner;


public boolean fileScanner(String destFilePath) throws Exception  {

return fileScanner(new FileInputStream(destFilePath));


public boolean fileScanner(InputStream fileInputStream) throws Exception {

boolean resScan = false;

if (fileInputStream != null) {

resScan = scanner.performScan(fileInputStream);

} else {

throw new Exception();


return resScan;



// Scan file to detect virus

boolean noVirus;

BeanFactory beanfactory = new  ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(“applicationContext.xml”);

ClamAVUtil clamAVUtil = (ClamAVUtil) beanfactory.getBean(“clamavutil”);

noVirus = clamAVUtil.fileScanner(doc);

if(noVirus != true){

System.out.println(“Warning !! Virus detected”);


Fully-fledged Latest Java Projects Titles

  • An effective mechanism for QoS Bandwidth Allocation Method by Coexistence in Wireless Body Area Networks
  • A new technology of XOR-based on Visual Cryptographic Schemes within Monotonously Increasing and Flawless Reconstruction Properties
  • An effective usage of SVM-based on web content mining within leaf classification unit from DOM-tree
  • An effective mechanism for Web Services Discovery Approach Based into Mining Underlying Interface Semantics
  • A new technique for Biometric Security Through Visual Encryption based on Fog Edge Computing
  • Extended Selective Encryption for H.264/AVC (CABAC)- and HEVC-Encoded by Video Streams
  • Cryptanalyzing an Image-Scrambling Encryption Algorithm in Pixel Bits
  • Security framework for visual sensors and smart camera networks
  • A new technique of Data hiding used by visual secret sharing and joint fractional by Fourier transform correlator