Software Project Topics in Java

    Software Project Topics in Java is an ever-green place for students of all levels (B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/PhD/MS). All over the world, students are taking a deep look at software project topics in Java. We support students on current strategies and provide great insight and perspective about Java programming. In recent years, Java programming has become emerging in different fields such as software engineering, learning technologies, services computing, cluster computing, android applications, wireless communications, mobile computing, etc. Our core features include project development, customized project report writing, paper writing (review/research), algorithm development, paper publication, research proposal writing, conference paper writing and publication. We also work towards the satisfaction of our doctorate students in studying PhD and MS. If you need any assistance for your final year projects, call us today.  We provide 24/7 customer service for our students.

Software Project Topics in Java

     Software Project Topics in Java is continually modernized and enhanced for students. We can provide software projects on both open source software and payable software. Our experts are working for you who offer a broad range of customized solutions for many students in world’s 120+ countries. Our aim behind to provide free software support for any projects.

Java based Software Categories

  • Java Frameworks
  • Java APIs
  • Java Platforms (device/enterprise)
  • Development Tools
  • Operating Systems
  • Java IDEs
  • Java Application Servers

Java Integration Software Categories

  • Java + OpenCV
  • Java + .NET
  • Java + Network Simulators (e.g. NS3)
  • Java + Database Connection (e.g. MySQL)
  • Java + Matlab
  • Java + XILINX
  • Java + PIC Controller
  • Java + Visual Studio
  • Java + OpenCV

Major Software/Tools in Java

  • Automation test tools (e.g. AutoIT, Winium, LDTP)
  • Load testing/performance tools (e.g. Apache JMeter, The Grinder, Gatling)
  • Open source data mining tools (e.g. Weka, Rapid Miner, Orange)
  • Application development tools (e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio)
  • Tools for building mobile apps (e.g. Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry)
  • Web testing tools (e.g. HtmlUnit, JWebUnit, MaxQ, HttpUnit, Canoo WebTest)

      This is a list of major tools used in Java, providing some idea about Java tools. In recent years, Java APIs, and desktop software are highly demanding among students. Here we are giving few among them.

Java based Classification of APIs

  • WebSocket APIs
  • Library based APIs (TWAIN, Java Script)
  • Class based APIs (Java API and Android API)
  • Class Remoting APIs (.NET remoting and CORBA)
  • Hardware APIs (PCI buses and Hard disk drives)
  • Web service APIs (REST, SOAP, JSON-RPC, XML-RPC)
  • Java Tree APIs (TreeSet and TreeMap)
  • Java Canvas APIs, Java Mail API, JAX-RS 2.1

Desktop Software Support

  • Azureus
  • BlogBride
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • jEdit
  • SimpleEdit
  • TvBrowser
  • NetBeans
  • SmartCVS
  • SmartSVN
  • yEd

Software Project Topics in Java

  • On the use of RLE and N-gram design process of anti-virus software for improving malware detection time system
  • A precious manifestation for Automated Assessment Tools and based on Software Assurance in Marketplace (SWAMP) scheme
  • An innovation performance for JavaBST based on Java backward slicing tool
  • A new-fangled Empirical comparison of machine learning algorithms technique for bug prediction in open source software practice
  • A modernization process of Mining Readme Files to Support Automatic Building of Java Projects in Software Repositories
  • Design and develop progression of hardwiring the OS kernel into a Java application processor
  • The novelty approach for Automated Refactoring of Legacy Java Software into Default Methods
  • A new technique for Scalable and Precise Third-Party Library Detection to survive determined in Android Markets
  • On the use of EFSMs (Extended Finite State Machine) for checking into software security system
  • An effectual Exploring process for HTTP/2 advantages and performance analysis used by on Java 9
  • Develop a Stochastic Model for Software Structure Evolution based on by Dance of Classes practice
  • A java framework inventive process for Intelligent Ensembles based on a Declarative Group Description Language and Java Framework
  • A new source for Assisting Non-Specialist Developers to Build Energy-Efficient Software system
  • An effective performance for Empirical Analysis of Build Failures in the Continuous Integration Workflows of Java-Based on Open-Source Software system
  • An innovative technique for Context Dependent based on Java Exceptions Hierarchy method