Java Small Projects

     Java Small Projects provide projects in reasonable prices and promoting a lot of project ideas for engineering students and research scholars. We will help you to get best final year project with effective source code for: B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/MCA/MSC/PhD/MS. Our resourceful problem solvers guide you to successfully complete your degree courses by providing quality projects. Our current researches involving in IoT, Big Data, Data Engineering, Network Security, Sensor Networks, Web Services and other major domains. Project training will be provided for individual students along with this support for workshops, conferences by top professionals. If you are inexperienced student of doing final year course, we help you to get knowledge in Java programming.

Java Small Projects

     Java Small Projects is the platform to get a strong knowledge in Java. A lot of opportunity provides for developing application based Java small projects. Java is widely used in a variety of systems, computing platforms, embedded devices and mobile phones. We provide Java small projects using Hadoop, Spark, SQL Server, XML, jQuery, AngularJS, Hibernate, Spring, HTML5, and CSS3. By experience of the Database Domain, we shared few ideas in Database domain.

Database Project Ideas

  • Task Management System
  • Electricity Bill Payment System
  • Hotel Management System
  • E-Ticket System
  • Database Management System for Stock Exchange
  • Small Website Development using MySQL and PHP Database
  • College Database System

Machine Specifications (Minimum/Recommended) used in this idea are:

Hardware Requirements – Minimum Configuration

  • Machine –x86 (32-bit)/x86-64 (64-bit)
  • Memory -1GB/2GB

Software Requirements – Minimum Configuration

  • Operating System – Windows XP (32 bit/64 bit), Windows Vista (32 bit/64 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit), A Linux Version (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bits)

Recommended Java Virtual Machines

  For any operating systems, we need any one of the following JVMs

  • OpenJDK 7
  • Oracle Java SE JRE 6
  • Oracle Java SE JRE 7

Java Application Servers

  • Apache Tomcat 6
  • Apache Tomcat 7
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server 8
  • Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.6)
  • Red Hat JBoss AS 5.1
  • Sun Glassfish 3.1.2

Java Databases

  • Oracle Database 11gR2 (11.2.0.x)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  • PostgreSQL 9.1
  • MySQL 5.5

     We have experts team for preparing innovate database security projects in the areas of auditing, authorization, data encryption, virtual private databases and also work in network monitoring, key management, database firewalls, secure configuration, user authentication, intrusion detection, security protocols (Kerberos/Secure Sockets Layer).

/* Sample Java Code for implementing RSA Algorithm */

// Source code…..

import java.math.BigInteger;


public class RSAHomomorphic {

private final static BigInteger one = new BigInteger(“1”);

private final static SecureRandom random = new SecureRandom();

private BigInteger privateKey;

private BigInteger publicKey;

private BigInteger modulus;

// Generate an N-bit (roughly) public and private key

RSAHomomorphic(int N) {

BigInteger p = BigInteger.probablePrime(N/2, random);

BigInteger q = BigInteger.probablePrime(N/2, random);

BigInteger phi = (p.subtract(one)).multiply(q.subtract(one));

modulus = p.multiply(q);

publicKey = new BigInteger(“65537”); // common value in practice = 2^16 + 1

privateKey = publicKey.modInverse(phi);


BigInteger encrypt(BigInteger message) {

return message.modPow(publicKey, modulus);


BigInteger decrypt(BigInteger encrypted) {

return encrypted.modPow(privateKey, modulus);


public String toString() {

String s = “”;

s += “public = ” + publicKey + “\n”;

s += “private = ” + privateKey + “\n”;

s += “modulus = ” + modulus;

return s;


public static void main(String[] args) {

RSAHomomorphic key = new RSAHomomorphic(100);


BigInteger x1 = new BigInteger(“100”);

BigInteger x2 = new BigInteger(“2”);

BigInteger enc_x1 = key.encrypt(x1);

BigInteger enc_x2 = key.encrypt(x2);

BigInteger dec_x1 = key.decrypt(enc_x1);

BigInteger dec_x2 = key.decrypt(enc_x2);

BigInteger homomorphic = enc_x1.multiply(enc_x2);

BigInteger dec_h = key.decrypt(homomorphic);

System.out.println(“x1 = ” + x1);

System.out.println(“x2 = ” + x2);

System.out.println(“E ( x1 ) = ” + enc_x1);

System.out.println(“E ( x2 ) = ” + enc_x2);

System.out.println(“E ( x1 ) * E ( x2 ) = ” + homomorphic);

System.out.println(“D ( E ( x1 ) * E ( x2 ) ) = ” + dec_h);



Java Small Projects Titles Related Java Database and Security

  • Java Small Projects Titles Related Java Database and Security
  • An effectual mechanism for design of Software Architecture meant for Java Programming Learning Assistant System practice
  • A pioneering process of Investigation into applicability and competence of SQLite designed for implementation of Dijkstra’s algorithm
  • An innovative method of CacheDOCS based on a Dynamic Key-Value Object Caching Service scheme
  • A new approach of Analyzing MongoDB NoSQL Security and scheming Injection Defense Solution system
  • A competent practice of GPU in-Memory Processing via Spark intended for Iterative Computation
  • A novelty process based on Deep packet inspection Management application into SDN
  • A contemporary process of Reusable components intended for adding multi-tenancy towards legacy applications
  • A Framework function of Simplified Workload-Centric used for FPGA-Based on Computing system
  • A proficient performance for NGS-FC based on Next-Generation Sequencing Data Format Converter system
  • An inventive process of Wi-Fi fingerprinting-based on indoor localization approach in favour of M-Weighted position estimation (m-WPE) scheme
  • The new-fangled progression of Interactive visualization toolbox into detect complicated android malware practice
  • An innovative function based on Software-Defined HoneyNet to Mitigating Link Flooding Attacks system
  • A new Intelligent query processing as of biotechnological database by co-operating agents derived from FIPA standards and hadoop within a secure cloud environment scheme
  • An effectual method of Detecting Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities throughout by Automated Unit Testing
  • A new-fangled Mobile Security based on commencing in Generating API Call Traces as of Obfuscated Android Applications via HyDroid