Python Web Project

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Python Web Project

   Python Web Project gives an astonishing moment for you to attain the best in your highbrowed research passage. On each and every day, our experts are refreshing their technological and research development skill from top journals with the scope of sharing their knowledge for students to attain the great position in their upcoming career. By our high-tech development training, our trained students can easily develop their Python Web Projects by own. Generally python supports all method of development including wen services, scientific computing, and scripting, desktop applications, web applications which are used by many organizations as like scientist, universities, professional developers and casual developers.

Why we go for Web Frameworks?

  • Handle almost everything in large scale applications
  • Saves running time
  • Provide security for websites
  • Enhance system scalability and efficiency
  • Able to handle all low-level details and hides complicated information

Python Web Frameworks

Most Popular Frameworks (latest version)

  • Django 1.11.4
  • web2py 2.15.3
  • TurboGears 2.3.11
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR) 5.0
  • js

Other Supported Frameworks(latest version)

  • Pylons 1.0
  • Grok 1.15
  • web 0.1.485
  • Zope2 4.0a6
  • Reahl 3.2.0
  • Giotto 0.10.5
  • CubicWeb 3.25.1
  • Django 0.7.8
  • Tornado 4.4.3
  • Quixote 3.ob1

Supported Databases

  • SQLite database
  • MySQL database
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Python Databases (Relational and Non-Relational)

Supported Data structures (Data formats)

  • JSON encoding and decoding
  • CSV file
  • xls, xlsx Spreadsheets

Supported Third-Party Modules:

  • SciPy (scientific computations)
  • SQLAlchemy (database connection)
  • BeautifulSoup (web scraping)

List of Concepts using Python Web Frameworks:

  • Web scraping (Fetch data from websites)


                   -BeautifulSoup 4 (we will use latest version)

                   -Urllib2 (support various URLs actions-redirections, cookies, etc.)

                   -MySQL database

                   -Facebook Graph API

                   -Scrapy, scrapemark, mechanize, etc.

  • URL Routing
  • Format like JSON, XML, HTML, etc.
  • Storage and session improvement
  • Database control
  • Best security with secure other attacks

          We support students from the basic to advance level. If you are like a beginner, you can use Django framework for your Python Web Project. It is suitable for any web applications. For that, you need to know the basic knowledge, like:

  • Virtualenvs
  • Design Djang Backend
  • Deployment Python anywhere
  • CSS/HTML with bootstrap
  • Using version control Git
  • Local servers website testing

/*Sample Python Code using Django Framework for KNN algorithm*/

# Import Required Packages

from django.apps import AppConfig
from pattern.web import Twitter
from pattern.en import tag
from pattern.vector import KNN, count
class FileConfig(AppConfig):
name = ‘Twitter’
twitter, knn = Twitter(), KNN()
for i in range(1, 3):
for tweet in‘#win OR #fail’, start=i, count=100):
s = tweet.text.lower()
p = ‘#win’ in s and ‘WIN’ or ‘FAIL’
v = tag(s)
v = [word for word, pos in v if pos == ‘JJ’] # JJ = adjective
v = count(v) # {‘sweet’: 1}
if v:
knn.train(v, type=p)
print knn.classify(‘sweet potato burger’)
print knn.classify(‘stupid autocorrect’)

Most Advanced Python Web Project Titles:

  • An efficient mechanism for mashpoint Surfing web2py web application based on data-oriented method
  • A new mechanism for Django web applications in Migration of legacy to service oriented architectures (SOA)
  • An effective performance for automatic evaluation of quality on commercially-oriented Web scrapy interfaces
  • A novel technique of Programming Situational Mobile Web Applications in web2py with Cloud-Mobile Convergence based on Internetware-Oriented Approach
  • An effective mechanism for HTTP-WS-AD based an anomaly detector oriented to django web applications and web services
  • A novel technology of scrappy Search-Based Web Service for Antipatterns Detection
  • An effective mechanism for Web2py service in web application ranking and visualization based on QoS properties and invocation relationships
  • The new process of an Open and Scalable web2py Web-Based Interactive Live-Streaming architecture in WILSP Platform
  • A novel technique of VisFlow Django Web-based Visualization Framework for Tabular Data with a Subset Flow Model
  • An efficient usage of Exploiting interoperable microservices in scrappy web objects enabled for Internet of Things


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