Simple Java Project Topics

     Simple Java Project Topics is one of the most beautiful platforms for students who have the interest to study simple Java programming. Our Java experts have the True Knowledge in all technological fields and who can work in any kind of application servers, components databases, frameworks, libraries and technologies. Over the past few decades, we delivered 2000+ Simple Java Projects by the only source of our experience and knowledge. Our expert’s teach you from the beginning of Java and goes deeper into advanced programming topics that help you to use advanced Java concepts for your final year academic projects. Our Simple Java Project Topics covers the following areas:

  • Generic Programming
  • JDBC Database Programming
  • Java Swing for GUI Development
  • Advanced I/O Classes
  • Java Graphics using Eclipse
  • Searching and Sorting
  • Exception Handling
  • Network Programming
  • Sequential and Associative Data Structures
  • Java Web Applications using Servlets
  • Java Applets
  • Classic Data Structures
  • Associative and Sequential Data Structures

Simple Java Project Topics

    Simple Java Project Topics explores day by day for providing only quality products for our clients across the world. Our Simple Java Project Topics service is provide highly interesting and exciting topics for students. New projects are being developed under the various research domains such as Hadoop, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Sensor Networks, etc. Now, you have the wonderful opportunity to work with our experts for getting knowledge to explore your future.  Currently, we working on areas related to Soft Computing in Java programming. Soft computing is really innovative and ever growing research field.

Some Popular Soft Computing Paradigms include:

  1. Fuzzy computing

                      -Neuro Fuzzy System

                     -Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy System

                     -Coactive Neuro Fuzzy System

  1. Neural computing

                      -Neural Networks

                      -Artificial Neural Networks

 3. Probabilistic reasoning

                       -Naïve Bayesian

                      -Bayesian Network

  1. Evolutionary computing

                      -Genetic Algorithm

                      -Bio-inspired Programming

                      -Harmony Search

  1. Chaotic systems and theory
  2. Swarm intelligence

                      -Ant Swarm Intelligence

                      -Particle Swarm Intelligence

                      -Glowworm Swarm Optimization

                     -Artificial Bee Colony optimization

                      -Spider Monkey Optimization

Application Domains of Soft Computing:

  • Smart systems
  • Big Data
  • Semantic Web
  • Cloud Computing
  • Sustainable Development
  • Dynamic Processes
  • Soft Computing for Communications
  • Intelligent Agents
  • Web Document Processing
  • Image Analysis
  • Handwritten Character Recognition

/* Sample Java Code for Neurofuzzy Classification*/

import java.util.Random;

import hr.fer.zemris.nenr.lab2.dataset.Dataset;

import hr.fer.zemris.nenr.lab2.function.F1;

import hr.fer.zemris.nenr.lab2.function.IFunction;


public class Anfis {

public static void main(String[] args) {


int RULES = 9;

//0.002 INITIAL MU

//0.006 BIG MU

//0.00002 SMALL MU

double η = 0.002;

int minDomain = -4;

int maxDomain = 4;

IFunction function = new F1();

Dataset dataset = new Dataset(minDomain, maxDomain, function);

//Fuzzy-neural network

//OnlineGradientDescent / OfflineGradientDescent

IFuzzyNeuralNetwork network = new OnlineGradientDescent(RULES, η, new Random());

//Network learning

network.learnNetworkEpoch(dataset.getTrainingSet(), 15000);

//network.learnNetworkRules(dataset.getTrainingSet(), 10, 15, 20000);


network.writeRelativeError2File(dataset.getValidationSet(new Random(), 100000));

//network.writeEpochError2File(dataset.getTrainingSet(), 15000);

//Network validation




Simple Java Project Topics in Soft Computing

  • An effective mechanism for Nursing-care text classification used by word vector representation and convolutional neural networks
  • A novel mechanism for Fuzzy echo state network for heartbeat detection used by ultrasensitive vibration sensor
  • An effective mechanism for FML-based in prediction agent and its application to game of Go
  • A new technology of in-car camera system for traffic sign detection and recognition
  • A novel study of Real-time whole body imitation by humanoic robot based on particle filter and dimension reduction in autoencoder
  • An effective mechanism for Joining fuzzy transform and local learning of wind power forecasting
  • A novel study of Weather forecast support system implemented into robot partner for supporting elderly people used by fuzzy logic
  • An efficient mechanism for Individual relative assessment based on interval AHP with interval comparisons based on DEA
  • An effective performance for fast edge detection model combining mixed L1 and L2 fidelity terms
  • An effective mechanism for Pseudo strong equality indices based on interval-valued fuzzy sets within respect into admissible orders