Project Ideas in Java

     Project Ideas in Java plays an important role in all around the world. We provide great ideas in computer science, information technology, electrical and electronic domains. The aim of these project ideas in Java is to provide a comprehensive set of Java project ideas for students and research scholars. Java is the most in-demand coding language that will technically sound in academia. The primary purpose of this page is to assist to offer research ideas for students and experts of our research community encourage them to identify ideas for final year projects. If you are looking for the project ideas in Java programming, you can view our various articles in this website, which emphasize the way that we work on Java programming so you know that the most precious things of Java.

Project Ideas in Java

    Project Ideas in Java is currently introduced for students towards education purpose. We provide complete support for students for the final year projects. Over the last few months, we have received 1000+ orders from the student’s community, but we open to other community also. Java RMI (Java Remote Method Invocation) is the Java technology, which is highly supported for developing various application systems like distributed applications, object-oriented, and client/server applications. In this page, we list a number of project ideas in Java programming and also you can check out project ideas related to education/research.

Supported Java Packages

  • rmi
  • rmi.server
  • rmi.registry
  • rmi.exe (Windows)
  • rmi.cgi (Linux)

Supported Tools

  • rmic
  • rmiregistry
  • Plugin for Eclipse 2.0
  • rmid
  • serialver
  • Java 9
  • JRE VM
  • Win32 and .NET interop

Supported Technology

  • JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
  • Java Security
  • Java Messaging Services
  • Java IDL (Interface Definition Language)
  • Java APIs
  • XDR (External Data Representation)
  • Java Transactions Services
  • RPC (Remote Procedure Call)
  • Java RMI-IIOP (Internet Inter-ORB Protocol)
  • CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture)

Advanced Concepts using Java RMI

  • Java Object Serialization
  • Object Activation
  • Parameter Demarshalling and Marshalling
  • Mobile Information Device Profile – enabled devices
  • Advance Java Serialization
  • Dynamic Class Loading
  • HTTP Tunneling
  • Distributed Application Testing
  • Name Services Creation (e.g. JNDI)
  • Advance Network Applications Creation

               -Chat servers


               -And many more

Algorithms based on Java RMI Technology

  • Distributed Genetic Algorithm
  • Clustering Algorithms
  • Prioritization Algorithms
  • Deep Learning Algorithm
  • Approximation Algorithms in NFV
  • Polynomial Time Algorithm
  • Replica Selection Algorithms

Distributed Applications Development using Java RMI

  • MusicMixDJs
  • Screen Broadcasting to other PCs
  • Collaborative PCs with a single mouse and keyboard
  • Collaborative Text Editor
  • Auto-Synchronization between Several Machines
  • Controlling one PC from Multiple Machines
  • P2P Web Services
  • Smart with Proxies and Java RMI
  • Air traffic control

Latest Project Topics using Java RMI Technology

  • CBM Systems Implementation with OSA-CBM framework using Java RMI
  • Query caching in Mobile Location based Services for Data Management
  • Java RMI based Asynchronous Distributed Object Model Design for the Control System
  • JRMP Stream Subprotocol for Simple Multiplexing Headers using Java RMI
  • Design and Implementation of Dynamic Key-Value Object Caching Service using Java RMI
  • Java RMI based Cluster Approach for Winograd’s variant of Strassen’s Method
  • Phtomontage for Design Client-Server Architecture using Java RMI
  • Java RMI based Performance Analysis for Various Service -Oriented IT/Business Applications
  • OBD-Java RMI for Networking Applications Research and Development