Core Java Applications Projects

     Core Java Applications Projects provides best projects for students.  Our experts are passionate about the Core Java Applications Projects in the Java World. We provide list of project ideas that cover a wide range of programming areas in Java Programming. In this page, we provide list of Core Java Applications Projects with algorithms using Core Java Programming Language. These topics are provided with a wide range of issues encountered in various research areas like Software Defined Networking, Graphics and Visualization, Security, Bioinformatics, etc. Our world class experts are searching for lot of problems of modern Java world, from the underlying theory to the design of core Java applications. If you are searching for Core Java Applications Projects, contact us and connect with us through Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Core Java Applications Projects

     Core Java Applications Projects only place in world to offer projects on Java latest technologies.  We provide project training for students to get the in-depth knowledge and also we provide amazing opportunity to work on your projects with us.  We are living in Java Application World because we can make useful apps which can be used for real-life purpose. Now, we consider the following research areas for developing Core Java Applications Projects,

  • Building Mobile apps using Android
  • Building Enterprise apps using Spring Framework
  • Creating Web Tech Knowledge
  • Building Cloud Computing Apps using Amazon AWS
  • Creating projects using SQL database (e.g. Mongo DB)
  • Building Big Data Analytics apps (e.g. Hadoop, Spark, HBase)
  • Building Apps using Software Tools (e.g. Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Netbeans)
  • Building Trading applications (e.g. murex)
  • JME (e.g. Smart cards, Blu-Ray, Set Top Boxes)

      Currently, Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a big trend in Java Networking. With strong support of Java APIs, we can remotely access the applications over the communication network.  Let’s know about Java SDN,

     …”Software Defined Networks are hard to evolve and manage hence it faces many technological hurdles. We can tackle the hurdles of SDN using protocols and mitigation techniques.”

Java based Open Source SDN Controllers:

  • OpenDayLight controller
  • Floodlight controller
  • OpenFlow controller protocol
  • Java based OpenFlow controller (Jaxon)
  • Java based OSGi
  • Beacon OpenFlow controller
  • OpenFlow Sec SDN Security Actuator


  • Java Development Toolkits

                 -Floodlight master and above (JDK 8)

                 -Floodlightv1.2 and below (JDK7)

  • Ant or Maven to Build
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Python Development Package

Java SDN based Research Areas:

  • Route selection and flow allocation
  • Scheduling, load balancing, resource management
  • Network function virtualization
  • Broadcasting and multicasting
  • Network simulation and emulation
  • Network protocols and algorithms
  • SDN applications using wireless Security
  • Performance evaluation in wireless networks

Java SDN Algorithms:

  • Dynamic traffic scheduling algorithm
  • Whale optimization algorithm
  • SDN clustering algorithms
  • Multicasting algorithm
  • Hybrid evolutionary algorithms
  • Genetic neural systems
  • Genetic fuzzy systems

/*Sample Java Code in Software Defined Networking*/

Add Fault Tolerance to the Control Plane Floodlight SDN Controller


private ISyncService syncService;

private IStoreClient<String, String> storeFT;

this.syncService = context.getServiceImpl(ISyncService.class);

try {

this.syncService.registerStore(“NameOfMyStore”, Scope.GLOBAL);

this.storeFT = this.syncService.getStoreClient(“NameOfMyStore”,




} catch (SyncException e) {

throw new FloodlightModuleException(“Error while setting up sync service”, e);


Read/Write Data Operations

To add data to our store:

try {

this.storeFT.put(“Key Y”, “Data X”);

} catch (SyncException e) {



To retrieve data from our store:

try {

this.storeFT.get(“Key Y”).getValue().toString();

} catch (SyncException e) {



Receiving Updates to the Store (from a Remote Controller):

public void keysModified(Iterator<String> keys, org.sdnplatform.sync.IStoreListener.UpdateType type) {


String k =;

try {


logger.debug(“keysModified: Key:{}, Value:{}, Type: {}”,

new Object[] {







String info = storeFT.get(k).getValue();

logger.debug(“REMOTE: Key:{}, Value:{}”, k, value);


} catch (SyncException e) {





Research Topics on Software Defined Networking

  • An efficient mechanism for Software-defined networking-based on cognitive routing protocol on vehicular ad hoc networks
  • A new technology of ATTAIN based on Attack Injection Framework for Software-Defined Networking
  • A new technique for Optimisation Methods of Fast Restoration based on Software-Defined Networks
  • An efficient mechanism for Flow monitoring scheme based reducing congestion and packet loss into software defined networks
  • A new process of Software Defined Energy Harvesting Networking for 5G Green Communications
  • On the use of Software-Defined Networking based on Cyber Resilient and Secure Microgrid
  • An effective mechanism for Autonomic Network Management based Software-Defined and Virtualized in 5G Systems
  • An efficient mechanism for Software Defined Networking framework in future airborne connectivity
  • A novel technology of Automated verification for security chains into software-defined networks within by synaptic
  • A new technology of Detecting and mitigating denial of service attacks against in data plane by software defined networks
  • A novel technology for Transparent transmission segmentation based on software-defined networks
  • The new process of Stateful monitoring for DDoS protection into software defined networks
  • A novel technique for Autonomic QoE-Aware Management Architecture by Software-Defined Networking
  • A novel technology of Latency Control into Software-Defined Mobile-Edge Vehicular Networking
  • A novel study of Named Data Networking for Software Defined Vehicular Networks