Security Based Projects in Java

     Security based Projects in Java is a great service offered by our great organization. Currently, security based projects in Java is a quite challenging task since students are lack in getting accurate knowledge of threats, attacks and countermeasures. Our organization consists of 100+ world class employees who are the researchers in the field of Java Programming. Now, we work on some recent developments include security encryption chips, smartcards, authentication device for a wireless PC lock and an efficient and scalable operating systems for mobile security chips. Several world-class research papers published using these technologies. For e.g. Smartcards and RFID are the hacking and protection technology for a mobile encryption chip. To experience it, connect with team viewer or call us at 24/7/365 with our top-experts.

Security based Projects in Java

      Security based Projects in Java is a global leading service which is initiated for students and research scholars. Our organization is a combination of world-class research experts, well-trained project developers, and strong technical writers. We have faced cyber-attacks, malware access, unauthorized and suspicious activity in 24/7/365. Our top-experts revised an emerging technology and updated the current trend in each technology that will help us to teach our students in advanced mind set.

We support on:

  • Algorithm development
  • Built-in mechanisms (reporting, access control and auditability)
  • Security protocols (cryptographic protocols)
  • Security APIs and tools/software
  • Supported security technology

               -XML Digital Signature

               -PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

               -JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service)

               -JSSE (Java Secure Socket Extension)

               -SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer)

               -Java GSS-API (Java Generic Security Services)

  • Security based research areas selection

               -Network security

               -Mobile security

               -Wireless security

               -Privacy-oriented cryptography

               -Key establishment


               -Digital signatures

 The following are best resources that will assist about security issues. List of topics are also provided at the end this page.

Open Source Security Software:

  • Jenkins (open source DevOps tool for monitoring redundant jobs)
  • Apache Active MQ (open source software that support for messaging and patterns integration)
  • Apache Ant (command line tool for testing and running Java applications)
  • Vega (web vulnerability testing platform and scanner which is compatible with windows, mac os x, and linux)
  • WebScarab (security framework that used in web applications testing)
  • Grendel-Scan (web application security tool for identifying threats in web applications)

Payable Security Software:

  • Nsauditor network security software (powerful network security auditing software that used to detect any vulnerabilities in network)
  • ShareAlarmPro (advanced network access monitoring software for network access control)
  • NetShareWatcher (network shares and permissions monitoring software)

Research Issues and Solutions:

Side channel attacks and countermeasures

  • Attack and countermeasure method for sensor networks
  • Cryptographic modules for hybrid physical attack and countermeasure
  • Secure devices or modules for countermeasure and attack technology

Protocol for ubiquitous environment

  • Design dynamic key management protocol
  • Use non-PKI authentication protocol
  • Ubiquitous network vulnerabilities analysis
  • Multi or broadcast tends analysis

Cryptosystem implementation technology

  • Link cryptosystem with high-speed and low-power
  • Link cryptosystem for trend analysis


  • Secret key (smartcard/RFID) hacking countermeasure technique
  • RFID systems design using secure and efficient protocol

Research Topics on Security based Projects in Java:

  • A new mechanism for Securing the IoT with TLS/DTLS server stacks embedded in secure elements based on ePlug usecase
  • An effective mechanism for Automated Verification based on Secure Messaging Protocols and Their Implementations of Symbolic and Computational Approach
  • A novel mechanism for advanced Internet of Thing based on Security Alert System in Smart Home
  • An effective mechanism for Security-Based on Active Demand Response Strategy Considering Uncertainties in Power Systems
  • An efficient mechanism for Opening pandora’s box on Implication of RLUT based by secure FPGA applications and IP security
  • A novel technique of Enhancing Security, Scalability and Flexibility for Virtual Private LAN Services
  • An efficient performance for Security threats and protection procedures based on optical networks
  • A novel technology of Secure-EPCIS based on Addressing Security Issues in EPCIS for IoT Applications
  • A new novel technology of Designing ECG-based on physical unclonable function for security by wearable devices
  • A novel technique of FCSS based on Fog Computing in Content-Aware Filtering for Security Services in Information Centric Social Networks
  • An effective mechanism for Evaluating based on Effectiveness of Security Metrics by Dynamic Networks
  • An effective performance for trust enclave-based on architecture for ensuring run-time security in embedded terminals