Core Java Projects Using Swing

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Core Java Projects using Swing

      Core Java Projects using Swing is strive hard to the students because it comprised of numerous components, libraries and build-in controls. Java Swing is a research area that helps to develop Java applications using many customized components. It supports many miscellaneous small features including, dockable toolbars, custom cursors, keyboard accelerators, built-in double buffering, etc.

Supported Features of Java Swing

  • UI based on Java Standards
  • Future Growth of Java Applications
  • It require browser on the client
  • Highly usable in previous Swing applications
  • Compatible with runtime checking, early error detection, and refactoring
  • Community support, high scalability, and access to browser
  • It is based on pure Java (Java Script/XML)

Open Source Tools supported in Java Swing

  • Abbot framework (Java GUI components)
  • AssertJSwing (Open source libraries)
  • Jemmy (Library which can be used to all user actions)
  • Jubula (Eclipse based automated functional GUI testing framework)
  • Sikuli (Image recognition based tool)
  • Webswing 2.4 (Swing application server)
  • 2D/3D/OpenGL
  • Media APIs
  • Debugging tools
  • JVMs, Compilers, Profiling APIs
  • Logcat

Core Java Project Ideas using Java Swing

  • Migrating Swing applications to the cloud
  • Transition from Swing to/from Android
  • Cloud based Applications
  • Migrating from Desktop to Cloud Native Web Applications
  • Building MVC Application using Java 8 with Swing

Sample Topics using Java Swing:

  • An effective usage of Semantic web-mining and deep vision for lifelong object discovery
  • An effective performance for Ontology based on web usage mining model
  • A new mechanism for Design and application of intelligent dynamic crawler by web data mining
  • The new process of Performance Improvement for Cluster-Based Routing Protocol in VANET
  • A new technique of Quantitative Testing for fMRI-compatibility with an Electrically Active Mechatronic Device by Robot-Assisted Sensorimotor Protocols
  • An effective performance for an extensible web usage mining framework based on actionable knowledge
  • A novel technology of Complex UAS operations using algorithms for LOST protocol
  • An efficient mechanism for Brain-Based Computer Interfaces by Virtual Reality
  • A new mechanism for Mining Web Access Sequence within Improved by Apriori Algorithm
  • A novel technology of Home care in auditory Brain Computer Interface based on blind by severe physical disabilities