Java Projects List Titles

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Java Projects List Titles

     Java Projects List Titles provide huge list of project topics in all research fields. Java explored in various research areas including robotics, windows based applications, networking, communication technology, embedded systems, cloud computing, knowledge mining, image processing, bio-medical applications, bio-informatics, etc. We provide projects list and abstract for B.E/B.Tech/MCA/MSC/MPHIL/PhD and others.

Key Features of Java Programming

  • Java is eliminated C++ unsafe features
  • Java is portable because it’s uses JIT compilers and Java Virtual Machine
  • It is widely used for WWW pages
  • Java libraries for applets, database access and GUIs
  • Concurrency features
  • HTTP2 and jshell support for a Java REPL

We supports

  • Algorithm development
  • Simulation, modelling and prototyping
  • Data analysis, exploration and visualization
  • Application development i.e. GUI building
  • Support for engineering and scientific graphics

List of Java Project Domains

  • Java Image Processing Projects
  • Java Embedded System Projects
  • Java Software Projects
  • Java Electrical Projects
  • Java Cloud Computing Projects
  • Java Biomedical Projects
  • Java Electronics Projects
  • Java Simulation Projects
  • Java Data Mining Projects
  • Java Communication System Projects
  • Java Power Electronics Projects
  • Java Signal Processing Projects
  • Java Wireless Communication Projects

/* Sample Java Code for Speaker Recognition using OpenCV*/

//Main coding

Recognito<String> recognito = new Recognito<>(16000.0f);

VoicePrint print = recognito.createVoicePrint(“Elvis”, new File(“OldInterview.wav”));

// handle persistence the way you want, e.g.:

// myUser.setVocalPrint(print);

// userDao.saveOrUpdate(myUser);

// Now check if the King is back

List<MatchResult<String>> matches = recognito.identify(new File(“SomeFatGuy.wav”));

MatchResult<String> match = matches.get(0);

if(match.getKey().equals(“Elvis”)) {

System.out.println(“Elvis is back !!! ” + match.getLikelihoodRatio() + “% positive about it…”);


Run :

run command:

$ java -cp .:marf.jar Recognito <options>

$ java -jar Recognito.jar <options>

$ make run

Techniques/Algorithms for Speaker Recognition

  • Biometric voice deconstruction
  • Multivariate Gaussian Classifier
  • i Vector Approach
  • Fusion of Speech Acoustics
  • Inverted Articulatory Signals Fusion
  • Feature Extraction (STFT, MFCC)
  • Hidden Markov Model
  • UBM-GMM based Speaker Recognition
  • DNN+ I Vector Approach
  • Revising Gated Recurrent Units
  • Spoofing and Countermeasure Techniques
  • Deep Autoencoder
  • Scoring Techniques

                -Cosine distance score

                 -PLDA based

Research areas similar to Speaker Recognition

Audio processing

  • Text to speech synthesis (Voice response systems)
  • Speech compression/coding (mpeg)

Integrate technologies

  • Multimodal speech recognition
  • Human computer interfaces
  • Real-time speech to speech translation

Natural language processing

  • Machine translation (Google search)
  • Summarization and gisting (Defense and CNN)
  • Entity/content extraction

Machine learning / pattern recognition

  • Language identification
  • Speaker identification (Biometrics for security)
  • Speaker recognition (Automated operator services)

    Speaker recognition is an interesting research area, which is currently emerging in the Java World. Here we provided some of the Java Project List Titles related to Speaker Recognition. We have used various Java based libraries and tools (e.g. MARF – Modular Audio Recognition Framework).

  • An effectual mechanism for Lung sound classification used by local binary pattern
  • The new improve performance for Predicting interviewee attitude and body language from speech descriptors
  • An effective presentation for Real-time Speech Enhancement with GCC-NMF
  • The new technique for Enhanced Automatic Speech Recognition with Non-acoustic Parameters
  • An innovative method for End-to-End Text-Independent Speaker Verification with Triplet Loss based on Short Utterances
  • The new technology for Joint Denoising and Dereverberation using by Exemplar-based on Sparse Representations and Decaying Norm Constraint
  • On the use of Binary Key Modelling with Contextual Information based on by Speaker Change Detection
  • An efficient method for Overview of Liquid Level Detection Technologies with Performance based on Characteristics Assessment and Energy Cost Saving by Household Water Pumps
  • The new-fangled performance for Lattice Based on Transcription Loss of End-to-End Speech Recognition
  • An effective performance for hierarchical cortical organization of human speech processing
  • The novel technique performance for Cluster analysis of voice quality ratings based on identifying groups in perceptually similar speakers
  • A competent performance for Null-Hypothesis LLR based on Proposal of Forensic Automatic Speaker Recognition
  • The novel study of Generative Model for Score Normalization in Speaker Recognition
  • A fresh mechanism for Structured Approach towards on Robust Database Collection for Speaker Recognition
  • An innovative mechanism for Improving the Decoding Efficiency of Deep Neural Network Acoustic Models by Cluster-Based Senone Selection


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