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Basic Introduction of Java 

  • Java is a free and open source language
  • It is most suitable for Android Apps development
  • The language supports to develop tiered apps with a three part architecture like server technology, graphical user interface and database
  • It supports to write a stand-alone software applications and server applications
  • Supports Java Edition Platforms:

For e.g.

                -Java EE (Java Platform Enterprise Edition)

                -Java ME (Java Platform Micro Edition)

                -Java SE (Java Platform Standard Edition)

  • Supports Java Applets that can be embedded in web pages
  • Supports Java for Mobile applications using Java ME platform

Java Tools and Frameworks:

  • Spring (Java top web development framework)
  • Hibernate (Java top ORM framework)
  • JUnit (the top Java testing framework)
  • Maven (Java’s most popular build tool)
  • Struts (Open source MVC web framework)

Supports for CORE JAVA Technologies:

  • XML
  • API Tools
  • Hotspot VM
  • JNDI (Java monitoring and management interface)
  • Application management and monitoring

Other Supports:

  • Java Mobile (J2ME)

                     -Mobile applications development using Android SDK

                     -Core Java API library for images

                     -Using Android data binding

                     -Android apps for view animation

                     -Java mobile programming for Android

                     -Fragments in Android apps

                     -Java EE7 for XML processing

  • Java Web

                    -JSON processing using Java API

                    -Master MVC 1.0 for web applications development

                    -UP Client, Server application programming

                    -Creation of own RESTful Web Service

                    -Java EE7 supports MongoDB

                    -Improve JSP functionality using JSTL

                   -Web socket client, server endpoints development

                   -Grails for RAD application development

  • Java Components/EJB

                   -NetBeans for web application development

                   -JBoss Seam with MVC application development

                   -Java EJB for managing transactions

                   -JPA and MongoDB to manage data persistence

                  -Concept of MOM using Java EE API

                   -Integration of EFB, JPL and JSF

Sample Topics on Java Assignments for Students:

  • An efficient mechanism also for Historical and impact analysis of API breaking changes
  • An efficient usage of Detecting similar repositories also on GitHub
  • A new source of Statically identifying class dependencies also in legacy JavaScript systems
  • The process of Stack Overflow also based on code laundering platform
  • An efficient mechanism for Recommending source code locations also based on system specific transformations
  • A novel technology of XCORE Support also for developing program analysis tools
  • An effective mechanism for Online DVFS Performance Prediction also in Energy-Efficient Managed Language Execution
  • An efficient mechanism also for Ticket Coverage and Putting Test Coverage into Context
  • A novel technology of Type-Safe Evolution also by Web Services
  • An efficient mechanism for Programmable Packet Queuing and Scheduling also for Centralized QoS Control
  • Using visual clustering for identify landmarks also in code navigation
  • An efficient performance for Express supervision system also based on NodeJS and MongoDB
  • A new mechanism also for Efficient Non-equivocation via Bitcoin
  • An effective performance also for Finding and Preventing Bugs in JavaScript Bindings
  • An efficient mechanism also for Verified Models and Reference Implementations for the TLS 1.3 Standard Candidate