Projects on Advanced Java

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Projects on Advanced Java

    Projects on Advanced Java offers range of services with a very strong coding on projects design. We have in research team with experienced tutors who provide non-stop services for students. Generally, students in engineering disciplines could prefer IEEE projects during their final year projects. Students need to well-versed in practical and theoretical knowledge in the respective domain. We help you and motivate you at the right time.

We provide assistance in the below range of students:

  • E/B.Tech
  • E/M.Tech
  • Sc/MCA/M.Phil
  • Doctorate students PhD and MS

Advanced Java Research Areas

Server less Computing

  • Cloud functions: Azure functions, GCP Cloud Functions, or AWS Lambdas,
  • Supports: e.g. Kinesis/Pub-sub, S3/Cloud Storage, DynamoDB/Cloud BigTable, etc….
  • Research under: Joining IoT and Serverless Computing, GraphQL

Stream Processing

  • Complex and Custom Windows using Apache Flink
  • Predictive Data Center Analytics
  • Real-Time Stream Processing (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Research under: Data processing and Big data


  • Supported Frameworks: Jersey, Swagger, and Spring Boot, Spark, Dropwizard, Play Framework, Restx, RestExpress, Restlet, Ninja Framework, etc.
  • Research under:

                     -Cloud data center design

                     -Inter service communication

                     -Service composition

                     -System level management

                     -Service orchestration

                     -Service brokering

                     -Service proxies

                     -Data storage

Artificial Intelligence

  • Technologies

                     -Reinforcement Learning

                     -Generative Models

                     -Networks with Memory

                     -Deep Learning Models

                     -Hardware Architecture

                     -Simulation Environments

  • Research Under

-Natural Language Processing

-Neural Networks


-Expert systems

-Fuzzy Logic

-Imaging and Graphics

-Automated Planning and Control

-Intelligent Interaction

-Brain Computer Interfaces

  • Applications

                       -Multi Agents Learning

                       -Autonomous Driving

                       -Recovering 3D Structure from a 2D image

                       -Next Frame Prediction in Video

                       -Voice and Music Synthesis

                       -Image in Painting

                      -Autonomous Vehicles

                      -Time Series Prediction

Top Algorithms in Java Programming:

  • Sorting Algorithms
  • Searching Algorithms
  • Hashing Algorithms
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Primality Testing
  • Binary Exponentiation
  • String Matching and Parsing
  • Graph Algorithms
  • Tree based Algorithms
  • Linked List Algorithms
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Page Ranking Algorithms

Sample Projects on Advanced Java Titles:

  • On the use of bigdata platform spark for Best of breed solution in clustering of satellite images
  • Fast text classification with Naive Bayes method on Apache Spark
  • The innovative process of Accelerating Spark Datasets by Inlining Deserialization
  • A novel technique based on Large-Scale Multi-label Ensemble Learning in big data apache Spark
  • A Framework on Efficient mechanism for Energy Scheduling of apache Spark Workloads
  • A novel technique based S-FPG parallel version of FP-Growth algorithm under Apache Spark
  • On the use of Parallel SVM in big data Apache Spark for Microblog Sentiment Classification Using Parallel SVM in Apache Spark
  • An effective mechanism for Feature-Based on Food Recommendation by Apache Spark
  • An effective mechanism for enhancing selection of Load Balancing algorithms dynamically by cloud computing
  • An efficient mechanism for Ontology-Based SLA Negotiation and Re-Negotiation in Cloud Computing
  • A novel study of Research on the Measurement and Transmission Network System for New Launch Vehicle by Cloud Computing
  • A novel technology of Efficient, Verifiable and Privacy Preserving Decentralized Attribute-Based Encryption by Mobile Cloud Computing