Python Project Ideas

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Python Project Ideas

     Python Project Ideas give intellectual fuel for students and researchers to obtain great achievements in their intellectual research journey. Today, majority of research colleagues and students are eagerly chosen python based project since it is the most popular language in IT field. It adopted as selection of language for almost all research domains in IT field including Infrastructure Automations, Web Development, Mobile Testing, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Software Testing, Big Data & Hadoop etc.

Now, let’s think how to pick any novel ideas, here we figure out how to get novel ideas,

  • Choose domain
  • Brief analysis with domain
  • Select large unique topic with wide interest
  • Finding gap in knowledge
  • Research questionnaire preparation
  • Specify project objective

We follow the following steps to deliver the quality projects:

Creating and understanding new knowledge

  • Technical Part
  • Research methodology

Findings hidden requirements

  • Data collection
  • Tools selection
  • Language selection

Unique research skills

  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis

Working independently

  • Independent learning and assistance
  • Proper time management

Communication and networking

  • International collaboration
  • Creating contacts at conferences

Discuss with complex ideas

  • Clearly presenting ideas
  • Discussing, mentoring, teaching

Problem solving

  • Findings problems
  • Information analysis
  • Creative solutions generation

Project Management

  • Planning, designing, conceptualizing, delivering and implementing projects

     Based on the above things, we work on your Python Project Ideas. Here we providing some list of projects ideas (Research based and Programming based) developed using Python.

Research based Python Project Ideas:

  • Smart Traffic Management (Internet of Things)
  • Digit Recognition (Machine Learning Image Processing)
  • Handwritten Character Recognition (Deep Learning)
  • Regulatory Motifs in DNA Sequence Data
  • Cellular Localization Prediction
  • Molecular Arrays using different cellular states
  • Expression Data and Cell Localization
  • Genome Comparison (MUMMER like Algorithm)

Programming based Python Project Ideas:

  • Animations using Matplotlib
  • Creating Python Packages
  • CSV Data Parsing
  • YAML and JSON data
  • Remote Editing using cgitb module
  • Arcade games using Python

Let’s take a one code example in the area of “Distributed Computing”,

from dask.base import tokenize

def eye(m, blocksize):

chunks = ((blocksize,) * m // blocksize,

(blocksize,) * m // blocksize)

name = ‘eye-‘ + tokenize(m, blocksize)  /* unique identifier

dsk = {(name, i, j): (np.eye, blocksize)

if i == j else

(np.zeros, (blocksize, blocksize))

for i in range(m // blocksize)

for j in range(m // blocksize)}

dtype = np.eye(0).dtype  /*take dtype default from numpy

return Array(dsk, name, chunks, dtype)

       In above example, we used “Dask.distributed” library. It is a lightweight library used in distributed computing. It supports to moderate sized clusters using dask APIs and concurrent futures.

Install using:

$ pip install dask distributed –upgrade    (or)

$ git clone

$ cd distributed

$ python install

Ongoing Python Project Topics (Distributed Computing):

  • An effective mechanism for Decentralized State Estimation and Remedial Control Action for Minimum Wind Curtailment used by Distributed Computing Platform
  • The process of new mechanism in Coded convolution for parallel and distributed computing within a deadline
  • An effective mechanism for Minimizing latency based on secure distributed computing
  • The new process of usage in Internet of Things and Multiagent Systems based on Decentralized Intelligence by Distributed Computing
  • A new mechanism for Cognitive Context-Aware Distributed Storage Optimization by Mobile Cloud Computing
  • An effective mechanism for Scalable and Dynamic Social Sensing used Distributed Computing Framework
  • The new process of Blockchain Based on Distributed Ledger for JointCloud Computing
  • A novel technique for Knowledge elicitation in multi-agent system by distributed computing management
  • An effective mechanism for Distributed sensor data computing in smart city applications
  • A new mechanism for Bottom-Up Norm Creation in Open Distributed Computing Grids based on Means by eXtended Classifier Systems


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