Java Open Source Projects

     Java Open Source Projects is the final year IEEE projects institute which offers enormous project ideas for students. We have 150+ Java experts who are developing Java projects on any application and research based domains. Java is open source software that comprised of Java programming language, JVM, class libraries, developer tools, runtime environment and other tools (javadoc). Today, many of the students and research scholars using open source software and technologies for projects. We support various open source software such as Linux, Apache, Eclipse, MySQL, Berkeley DB, GlassFish, InnoDB, Virtual Box, Xen, NetBeans and many more. Over the past few years, we provided 1000+ Java Open Source projects using open source technologies. If you are looking for Java open source projects, please feel free to contact us.

Java Open Source Projects

     Java Open Source Projects is a fantastic place to get your needs. Our organization has ISO 9001.2000 certification where we provide wonderful opportunity to work with our top experts. Our top experts contain rich set of information about Java open source projects. Generally, Java open source projects categorized into three different components such as server-side, client-side, and supporting. In this page, you will get the information about Java open source software.

Extensive Features of Open Source Software

  • Developer Friendly Platform
  • It can facilitate rapid application development
  • Easily adapt the platform you needs
  • Access denied for low level code
  • Develop with huge set of data aware visual components (BPM, reports, charts, data access control, full-text search)
  • Support for popular databases and application servers (cloud deployment, web interface, generic REST API)

      Data mining is one of the famous research fields in Java. Java facilitates various open access libraries, tools and packages for data mining projects. Here are we provided top factors which are supported during data mining projects development.

Let’s take a quick list of Java Open Source Software,

  • DMelt (Math software to draw 2D/3D plots)
  • Weka (Data mining based Java Environment)
  • RapidMiner (Supports three modules like Rapid Miner Studio, Server and Radoop)
  • Apache Mahout (Framework which is used in mathematical operations like statistics and linear algebra)
  • KEEL (Java tool used for various data discovery tasks)
  • SPMF (Open source data mining library)
  • SCaViS (Data analysis framework using Java)
  • Mallet (NLP tool to perform different data mining tasks)

Data mining Algorithms

  • Association Rule Mining
  • Clustering and Classification
  • High-Utility Pattern Mining
  • Itemset Mining
  • Periodic Pattern Mining
  • Sequence Rule Mining
  • Sequential Pattern Mining
  • Time-Series Mining
  • Hybrid Algorithm (Clustering, Classification)
  • Big Data Mining Algorithm

/*Sample Java Code for Data Mining Algorithms*/

//Source Code for K-Nearest Neighbour Algorithm with MapReduce functions…

public static class ClassifierMapper extends Mapper<LongWritable, Text, DoubleWritable, Text> {
private DataConverter converter;

private PrototypeSet RS;

private boolean first = true;

private final Text lvalue = new Text();

private Dataset test, preprocessed;

protected String header;

private final DoubleWritable lkey = new DoubleWritable();


protected void setup(Context context) throws IOException, InterruptedException {


Configuration conf = context.getConfiguration();



URI[] files = DistributedCache.getCacheFiles(conf);

test = Dataset.load(conf, new Path(files[0].getPath()));


converter = new DataConverter(test);


RS = PrototypeSet.load(conf, new Path(files[1].getPath()));


Latest Java Open Source Projects Titles

  • An effective performance for Accelerated encryption algorithms based on a secure storage and processing in the cloud system
  • An innovative approach for Asymmetric key based on cryptographic algorithm on the use of four prime numbers to secure message communication by RSA algorithm
  • An effectual function for PageRank-improved ranking algorithm based on by cheating similarity and cheating relevance system
  • On using for Automatic Seed Selection method of Topical and Trust Based on Page Ranking practice
  • A pioneering method for Distributed page ranking in structured based on by P2P networks
  • A new progression of Lightweight framework for Reliable Job Scheduling in Heterogeneous Clouds method
  • An inventive method for chaotic symbiotic organisms search based on task scheduling optimization in by cloud computing environment
  • On the use of Supervised Machine Learning process for Prognosis of Bearing Acoustic Emission Signals system
  • A fresh mechanism for Complex domain scheme of nonlocal block-matching denoising based on by high-order singular value decomposition (HOSVD)
  • On the use of Block-Diagonal Sparsity for Hyperspectral Image Classification by Unsupervised Band Selection scheme
  • An effective method for automatic recognition of hidden defects based on Hilbert Huang transform and hybrid SVM by on PSO model
  • A design and development process of spatial query processing for location based on application by Hbase method