Java Projects Online

    Java Projects Online gives strong understanding and working knowledge of Java technology in online. Our Java projects online is designed to have a 150+ world class experts to train and guide you in your path to becoming a Java expert. We provide customized training for students to getting knowledge on new concepts of Java and resolve any hurdles which might have during project development. This customized training enables you to focus on your interested topics that you feel you want to work on. Our organization technical team contains 150+ experts with 10+ years of working in various Java platforms and can assist you work and develop best Java projects form the real world. We offer resources in both online and offline (for all students and research scholars) which are available in 24/7 and getting through mail or team viewer. Don’t be afraid to start over. It’s a brand new opportunity to rebuild what you truly want.

Java Projects Online

    Java Projects Online created and maintained by us. The purpose of this service is to get the Java projects online. Our Java projects online is continually improved and updated for students. We designed Java courses to teach concepts for students in the areas of Core Java, Advanced Java, Web development and Server Side Java. Our experts can train students in any part of world and can be present at online with their convenient timings. Let’s review some online project ideas for your Java projects,

  • Cyber shopping
  • Enterprise resource planning management
  • Computerized lending system
  • Data storage security ensuring on cloud
  • Large scale events in a visual backchannel
  • Data centric knowledge management system
  • Collaborative writing support tools on cloud
  • Tool for electronic loan management
  • Application deployment and integration on cloud
  • Java database connectivity (CRUD operation, types of drivers)

Technology using for Online Project Development

  • JSP 2.0 (with/without expression language tags)
  • JDBC 4.0
  • Webserver (resin, WebSphere, jBoss, WebLogic)
  • Database MySQL and Wamp Server
  • Java with Android
  • Java on Cloud
  • J2EE and Spring, Hibernate
  • Oracle SQL Database
  • Java Server Faces (JSF)
  • Web Services
  • Java Translation API (JTA)
  • Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
  • Java Persistence API (JPA)

 Here the list of most popular Java projects online for engineering students and PhD research scholars,

  • JSP, and Servlets for Car Sales System
  • Secure Online Election System
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Vehicle Registration and Investigation using JSP
  • Billing Management System using J2EE
  • J2EE for Telephone Billing System
  • Student Record and Information System
  • Intelligent Airline Reservation System
  • Automated Bus Scheduling and Booking System
  • Online Teacher Evaluation System
  • Browsing Center Automation System
  • Advanced ATM Simulation System
  • Efficient Drug Management System
  • Advanced Income Tax Services
  • Complaint Form and Feedback using Servlets and JSP

 Below we provide comprehensive list of our Java projects in online. These provides give you some idea about how to develop live projects in Java. We shared exhaustive list of project videos in our website. You can practice Java projects online.

  • An effectual mechanism for Offline Information Traceability in a Digital Manufacturing System and Online M2M-Interactive Itemized Data Registration based on by IoT-Based Techniques
  • The fresh scheme Internet of Things support for Online Auction of Cloud Resources
  • An online social networks of massive trust assessment based on efficient solution for OpinionWalk
  • The new practice of budgeted truthful bipartite matching intended for online knapsack problem
  • A modernization mechanism of Robust Online Multi-Task Learning with Correlative and Personalized Structures
  • An ingenious mechanism for Offline and online adaptation in prosocial games
  • On the use of Java Language based on Online Food Ordering System for Formal Specification
  • An innovative way of online extreme learning machine used for handling concept drifts and class imbalance problem
  • The valuable comments clustering online discussion forum of application based on Centroid linkage hierarchical method and Hill climbing method
  • The new function of mathematics education based on NetPad of An online DGS
  • A framework process of Vision Aided Inertial Tracking and Mapping function based on Large Scale AR Applications
  • On using the Amazon Web Services based for Cloud enabled media streaming system