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    Java Project Source Code for Students is one of the best project center to develop project with simple source code. We have developed 1000+ Java projects with attracted results and we have many collections of readymade projects that developed in latest technology. We provide various project sources like project title list, project abstract/implementation plan, project synopsis/research proposal, project report as per the university format, project source code, screenshot (line by line project explanation), project video, audio file (project explanation), project software (latest versions), operating system, etc. We offer Java Project Source Code for Students at Engineering level, Doctorate level and other Master Degree level. If you need source code for your Java Projects, please contact us through mail or phone.

Java Project Source Code for Students

    Java Project Source Code for Students is a new path to reach your dream destination. The main aim of the Java Project Source Code for Students is providing project source code and documentation as per the student needs. This is done by our expert’s years of experience and solid understanding of all aspects of Java programming. Java is an object oriented programming language that can be used in various research fields like augmented reality, audio and video speech processing, biomedical engineering, natural language processing, etc.

Let’s take example for Java source code in Peer-to-Peer Context Services,

Peer-to-Peer Context Services

// Import important headers

import dk.itu.jcafdemo.entity.Room;

import dk.itu.jcafdemo.entity.Visitor;

import dk.itu.jcafdemo.item.Presentation;

import dk.itu.jcafdemo.relationship.Arrived;

import dk.itu.jcafdemo.relationship.Attending;

import dk.pervasive.jcaf.ContextEvent;

import dk.pervasive.jcaf.EntityListener;

import dk.pervasive.jcaf.entity.Place;

import dk.pervasive.jcaf.impl.RemoteEntityListenerImpl;

import dk.pervasive.jcaf.item.Location;

import dk.pervasive.jcaf.relationship.Located;

import dk.pervasive.jcaf.util.AbstractContextClient;

//Setting up P2P Context Services addContextService() and removeContextService()

//Looking up Entities in a P2P Network

public void lookupEntity(String id,int hops,RemoteDiscoveryListener dl);

public class PeerTester implements DiscoveryListener {

private RemoteDiscoveryListenerImpl dl;

public PeerTester() {


try {

dl = new RemoteDiscoveryListenerImpl();


} catch (RemoteException e) {}


private void test() {

getContextService().lookupEntity(“”, 3, dl);


public void discovered(DiscoveryEvent event) {

System.out.println(“Entity found at ” + event.getURI());




      Here, we have included source code for Peer-to-Peer Services in “Context Aware Computing”. We have developed many projects in Context Aware Computing. As previously mentioned, Java is at the heart of Context Aware Computing. The amazing feature of Java is that besides a library and tools, a latest technology also has a scope. Next, you can see about context aware computing using Java Programming.

Context Aware Classification

  User context

  • User behaviour/mood
  • User preference/profile
  • Other’s presence

Physical context

  • Location
  • Date, Time

Environmental context

  • Noise level
  • Lighting
  • Weather
  • Traffic conditions

Computing context

  • Communication cost
  • Network connectivity
  • Bandwidth
  • Nearby resources

Examples of Context

  • Time
  • Identity
  • Location
  • Social network
  • Light
  • Temperature

Research Issues and Challenges

  • Context storage (internally)
  • Sensing location information (e.g. Google Latitude)
  • Context changes update
  • Sensors infrastructure
  • Context triggered actions
  • Proximate selection
  • Automatic contextual reconfiguration
  • Contextual commands and information
  • Machine learning in contextual computing
  • IoT, and Internet technology
  • Emotive computing, sensor fusion network

Research Ideas using Java

  • Micro clouds and edge clouds context
  • Inter and intra cloud networking
  • Clouds security in context aware computing
  • Context aware cloud applications
  • Secure context aware applications
  • Clouds context aware middleware
  • Cloud services quality assessment
  • Clouds context representation and management
  • Intrusion detection by semantic analysis
  • Semantic service discovery infrastructure

Latest Context Aware Computing Project Topics:

  • An effective mechanism for Personalized Context-Aware Search Framework of Ontology-Based by Tagged Data
  • A new source of challenge for the next generation of wireless sensor networks in public safety and security
  • An effective mechanism for Context Modelling Approach Based with Temporal Euclidean by Vector Space
  • A new mechanism for Regression Model of Context Awareness by Mobile Commerce
  • An effective mechanism for Social Web of Things Approach into a Smart Campus Model
  • A novel technology of Large-Scale Middleware based on Ubiquitous Sensor Networks
  • A novel technique of Context-Aware Systems based on Mobile and Ubiquitous Networks
  • The new process of Anticipating Resource Management and QoE based on Mobile Video Streaming under Imperfect Prediction
  • A novel study of Low-Power Sensor Polling for Context-Aware Services by Smartphones
  • The new process of Dynamic Context-Awarable User Interfaces of A Framework for Second Screen Devices by Home Network Environment
  • An effective mechanism for Context-aware decision engine in mobile cloud offloading
  • An efficient performance for Model-based physiological data stream evaluation by dialysis therapy
  • A new source for Secure Integration of Heterogeneous Advanced Wireless NetworksPlatform
  • A novel technology of Context processing in an open, component-oriented, software framework
  • A new technology of Agent-oriented middleware with InfoStation-based mLearning on intelligent systems