Java Practice Projects

    Java Practice Projects is a one stop solution to gain any project related resources. We have more than 5000+ projects on ready stock. We are experts in various project technologies like Android, Network Simulators, Java, Matlab, Embedded System, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Web Technology, Sensors, Web Applications, Windows based Applications etc. We offer comprehensive demonstrations of Java practices, designs and tasks that illustrated with elegant syntax code snippets. Our top experts give practice you to become an advanced Java programmer, who trains you on JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, etc. We have done 1000+ Java Projects in multiple research domains and integrated technology (Python, Objective-C, Swift, PHP, and Android). If you are interested in Java practice projects or in a last minute, please contact us immediately. We provide complete support for your projects completion.

Java Practice Projects

    Java Practice projects is mainly created for current students and recent graduates (undergraduate/postgraduate). Nowadays, students focus on object oriented programming concepts to design real-world applications. Our professionals can easily implement core object-oriented programming techniques and provide you best Java application. We suggest you the following topics for students to get PRACTICE!!!

  • Practice building Java Web Applications (Java Web Frameworks)
  • Practice building Robust Login/Signup System (Java Web Technologies)
  • Practice building Database Applications (Java Databases)
  • Practice building Java Applications (Loops, If-Else Statements, Switches)
  • Practice building OO Java Software based Design Applications
  • Practice building Java Software Testing Applications (Java Testing Tools)
  • Practice building Java Real-World and Java Based Forum Applications

More General Java Practices Topics

JSPs and Servlets

  • Web app framework (WEB4J)
  • URL rewriting and emit flexible URLs
  • Loss of data at restart
  • Self-linking prevention
  • Thread safety in web apps
  • Email addresses validation
  • Send trouble ticket emails

Java Swing

  • Uses JGoodies forms for layouts
  • Filter table rows
  • Consider an uncaught exception handler
  • Dialogs standardization
  • Provide input dialogs, layout managers, menu items

Java Exception Handling

  • Stack trace as String
  • Exception translation
  • Catch and finally
  • Control flow and exceptions
  • Avoid empty catch blocks

Java Databases

  • Uses data layer tools
  • Business identifiers as String
  • Data exception wrapping
  • Keep SQL out of code
  • Database code duplication reduction
  • Data access objects
  • Consider PreparedStatement

/* Sample Code to Read and Write Excel in Java */

// Source code using Apache POI

public class XLSXReaderWriter {

public static void main(String[] args) {

try {

File excel = new File(“C://temp/student.xlsx”);

FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(excel);

XSSFWorkbook book = new XSSFWorkbook(fis);

XSSFSheet sheet = book.getSheetAt(0);

Iterator<Row> itr = sheet.iterator();

// Iterating over Excel file in Java

while (itr.hasNext()) {

Row row =;

// Iterating over each column of Excel file

Iterator<Cell> cellIterator = row.cellIterator();

while (cellIterator.hasNext()) {

Cell cell =;

switch (cell.getCellType()) {


System.out.print(cell.getStringCellValue() + “\t”);



System.out.print(cell.getNumericCellValue() + “\t”);



System.out.print(cell.getBooleanCellValue() + “\t”);







// writing data into XLSX file

Map<String, Object[]> newData = new HashMap<String, Object[]>();

newData.put(“7”, new Object[] { 7d, “Samy”, “CSE”, “Software Testing”,

“Rupert” });

newData.put(“8”, new Object[] { 8d, “Krish”, “It”, “Software Re-engineering”,

“Rupert” });

newData.put(“9”, new Object[] { 9d, “Ishwarya”, “ECE”, “Computer Networks”,

“Rupert” });

Set<String> newRows = newData.keySet();

int rownum = sheet.getLastRowNum();

for (String key : newRows) {

Row row = sheet.createRow(rownum++);

Object[] objArr = newData.get(key);

int cellnum = 0;

for (Object obj : objArr) {

Cell cell = row.createCell(cellnum++);

if (obj instanceof String) {

cell.setCellValue((String) obj);

} else if (obj instanceof Boolean) {

cell.setCellValue((Boolean) obj);

} else if (obj instanceof Date) {

cell.setCellValue((Date) obj);

} else if (obj instanceof Double) {

cell.setCellValue((Double) obj);




// Open an OutputStream to save written data into Excel file

FileOutputStream os = new FileOutputStream(excel);


System.out.println(“Writing on Excel file Finished …”);

// Close workbook, OutputStream and Excel file to prevent leak




} catch (FileNotFoundException fe) {


} catch (IOException ie) {





Latest Java Practice Projects Titles

  • An effective function of Cyclops based on PRU programming construction designed for precise timing applications system
  • A novelty method of Federating public along with private intelligent services intended for IoT applications
  • The new process of computerization approach used for cocos-2dx based on multi-player card game in favor of web and mobile scheme
  • A fresh process based on Diagnosis of toddler digestion disorder via forward chaining method
  • An inventive mechanism for Static Code Smell Detector used for SQL Queries Embedded into Java Code
  • A Cloud System intended for Machine Learning Exploiting based on a Parallel Array DBMS practice
  • On the use of compilation/decompilation based on to develop clone detection system
  • An inventive function of JStereoCode for automatically identifying technique with class stereotypes in Java code method
  • A new-fangled function of CATE based on Concolic Android Testing via Java PathFinder designed for Android Applications
  • The influential JSFox system based on Integrating Static with Dynamic Type Analysis of JavaScript Programs
  • The efficient performance for ADRENALIN-RV based on Android Runtime Verification by Load-Time Weaving system
  • A unique progression of Private API Access along with Functional Mocking within Automated Unit Test Generation practice
  • A revolutionary process of Generating Unit Tests via Structured scheme Interactions practice
  • An effective practice of Automatically Inserting Synchronization Statements into Divide-and-Conquer Programs
  • A modern development of Proposal based Test Code Generation Tool designed for Java Programming Learning Assistant System
  • An efficient mechanism method of Automated A/B Testing by Declarative Variability Expressions practice
  • A valuable safe and extensible InsDal instrumentation tool based on Dalvik byte-code intended for Android applications
  • An inventive process of Deep packet inspection Management application into SDN system
  • The original process of Reusable components in favor of adding multi-tenancy to legacy applications
  • An effective function of Supporting schema evolution into schema-less NoSQL data stores system