Mini Projects Based on Java

     Mini Projects based on Java is established for students especially beginners. Java is the top programming language, which is in trend on various research areas including Google Trends, Twitter Posts, Internet of Things, Android Ecosystem etc. We at Mini Projects Based on Java are providing number of support for students. Our service is envisioned for students those who seeking mini projects during their final year course. We have the 150+ effective research team members who are specialized in solution design, tools, programming, documentation writing, communication, and project development. Our vision is preparing project with novel idea and plagiarism free contents. To get the real-time experience for your mini projects, join our project training program.

Mini Projects Based on Java

      Mini Projects based on Java offers customized project support for final year students. Our Mini Projects based on Java is ideal for the students looking for the best projects in Java Programming. Some student may have interest to do mini projects based on Java and we are listing good project ideas in each domain. These projects are fully based on Java technologies (Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJIDEA, etc.)

Now, we are working on the following technological domains:

Cloud Computing and Virtualization

  • Cloud Services

Databases and Information Systems

  • Enterprise Data Fabrics, Classical Databases

Distributed Component based Systems

  • OSGI, Java EE

Event based Systems

  • Distributed sub/pub, MOM, EDA

Service Oriented Computing

  • SOA, SCA, ESB, Web Services

Let’s know our services,

  • Project Guidance
  • Abstract Preparation
  • Project Ideas
  • Project Reports Preparation
  • Project Report Revision
  • Literature Review Writing
  • Presentation Preparation
  • Viva Q/A Preparation

Mini Project Ideas using Java Programming:

  • Automatic Street Lighting System using IoT
  • Smart Energy Meter using GSM
  • Bluetooth Controlled Electronic Home Appliances
  • Smart Water Monitoring System using IoT
  • Bluetooth Controlled Robot
  • Vehicle Tracking System using GSM and GPS
  • Voice Controlled Robot
  • RFID based Access Control
  • Biometric Authentication System
  • WiFi Controlled Robot
  • Vision Persistence
  • Sewerage Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Security System using Smartcards
  • Intelligent Alcohol Detection System for CAR
  • Intelligent Fire Sprinkler System
  • Traffic Light Control System

Current List of Mini Projects Based on Java:

  • An effective mechanism for Optimal Joint Power Allocation and Task Splitting in Wireless Distributed Computing
  • A new mechanism for a Scalable Framework based on Wireless Distributed Computing
  • An effective mechanism for Distributed Computing Platform Supporting Power System Security Knowledge Discovery with by Online Simulation
  • An efficient mechanism for Distributed Computing Architecture in Optimal Control of Distribution Feeders based Smart Loads
  • A new mechanism for Developing distributed computing applications with Tasklets
  • An effective mechanism for Coherent Application Delivery based on Hybrid Distributed Computing Infrastructures of VM and Docker Containers
  • The new process of Architecture for fast object detection supporting CPU-GPU hybrid and distributed computing
  • An efficient performance for Peer-to-peer distributed computing framework
  • A new performance for analysis of Cloud Computing based distributed data center used by Cloudsim
  • The new process of Membrane Computing Based on Scalable Distributed Learning and Collaborative Decision Making in Cyber Physical Systems