Programming Projects Java

     Programming Projects Java provide live and real-time projects in Java. Our roles and responsibility is to creating new opportunities for your career. The both live and real-time project training enhances knowledge in lifting of academic learning. Our programming projects in Java helps the students to choose creative projects based on their needs and requirements. Our organization is one of the leading institutes providing you the quality works from the proficient experts. We provide all round support for student’s project ranging from topic selection to thesis/project report writing.  Custom support for Journal Paper Writing: category with SCI Journal Publishing Service and SCOPUS Journal Publishing Service. Approach us to gain knowledge for your academic research.

Programming Projects Java

     Programming Projects Java offers latest collection of programming projects for students (CSE, IT, ECE, EEE). We have assisted 5000+ students to get good marks through final year projects. We have 10+ years of coding experience in the real-time project development using multiple technologies like Hadoop, Java/J2EE, .NET, UI, etc. Java (release 9) is now expressing many new features ahead of time compilation, HTTP/2 client API Java API, unified JVM logging, etc. Here we focus on Real-Time Programming,

Project Training with Real-Time Projects in

  • Java Programming: Core Java, Advanced Java JDBC, JNDI, Servlets, JSP
  • J2EE: EJB, JMS, JTA, Java Mail, JSF
  • J2ME: Application Servers, MySQL Database
  • XML, Struts, Log4j, Hibernate, Web services
  • Hardware: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, cRIO, PXI, LabView

Real-Time Java Programming: On-going Research Areas

Information Gathering

  • Relation Databases for Information Discovery
  • Indexing and Searching

Statistical Natural Language Processing

  • Named Entity Recognition/Extraction
  • Tokenization, Part of Speech, Stemming
  • Text Clustering
  • Assign Tags to Text
  • Spelling Correction

Machine Learning + Weka

  • Interactive GUI Applications
  • Weka Embedding in a Java Application

Integrating Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms

  • Self-Driven Car Simulator
  • Internet Bots
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Traveling Salesman Problem
  • Financial Prediction
  • Game Theory and Mathematical Functions
  • Java Genetic Algorithm Library (supported library)
  • Java Kohonen Neural Network Library (supported library)

Semantic Web

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Data Integration
  • Media Management
  • Web Search
  • OSGi based Applications
  • Apache Jena
  • Eclipse (Neon)
  • Gradle 3.4
  • HermiT Reasoner
  • Technologies (Apache Felix, Jetty, jQuery, Jersey)

Audio Programming

  • Java Media Framework
  • Java Sound API
  • JLAYER (Java Library)
  • VorbisSPI (Java Sound API)
  • Audio Programming on Raspberry Pi
  • JSyn Audio Synthesis Java API (Audio Synthesizer)
  • Desktop Musical Applications
  • Android Applications

Real-Time Java Programming Titles

  • Live Object Tracking using Adaptive Model Updating and Multiple Features
  • Integration between Cloud and Wireless Sensor in Real-Time
  • Real-time monitoring and control of Diesel Generator using Cloud Assisted IoT Technology
  • A proficient process of Real time fabric defect detection method based on Matlab as well as C++/Opencv platforms
  • An innovative scheme of Information fusion derived from agile streaming telemetry for intelligent traffic analytics based on softwarized network
  • A successful function of Distributed computational load balancing used for real-time applications systems
  • A competent process of Real-Time Delay-Sensitive Communication Approach anchored in Distributed Processing system
  • A new process of Network Security Situation alertness derived from Semantic Ontology by User-Defined Rules used for Internet of Things
  • The effective process of Human Intracortical Recording along with Neural Decoding designed for Brain Computer Interfaces system
  • A resourceful method for Real-Time Multimedia Social Event Detection within Microblog practice
  • An effective function of On-line with non-invasive incongruity detection method intended for unmanned aerial vehicle scheme
  • A designing process of Pipelined structural design used for real time detection with tracking of moving objects on a hybrid device method
  • A categorization structure of automatic train driving with positions of the modern automatic control theory practice
  • A creative process of Crowd sensing-Based on Consensus Incident Report intended for Road Traffic Acquisition scheme
  • A new function of Real-Time interference based on Detecting with alert system via image processing techniques
  • A new intention of Shared-locking used for semantic conflict prevention into real-time collaborative programming practice
  • A new-fangled DAL Scheme with Shared-Locking used for Semantic Conflict Prevention in Unconstrained Real-Time Collaborative Programming system