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Python Programming Help

   Python Programming Help service is began by our real world research development company which supports students and research professoriates to enrich their knowledge to become as an expert in Python. Python is a powerful and user friendly programming language which allows programmers to work speedily and quite powerfully.  We provide complete installation support for students on variety of platforms including UNIX, Windows, MAC OS X, Solaris, Linux (Ubuntu) etc. Our experienced programmers can teach you Python very quickly and it’s also easy for beginners to learn and use. So why you still wait? Come with your programming requirements.

Before getting started, let’s know something about Python,

  • Python is a dynamically typed, procedural, object oriented programming language
  • It is strong typing and support for multi-paradigm and functional programming
  • Python can be written in .py files
  • Supports Python implementations, including IronPython, Jython, Cpython written in C#, Java and C
  • Less code is sufficient for developing program using “Python”

E.g. /* Sample code to print “Hello world” using C */


int main (int argc, char** argv)


Printf(“Hello World\n”);


/* Sample code to print “Hello world” using Java */

public class main


public static void main (String argv[])


System.out.println(“Hello World”);



/* Sample code to print “Hello world” using Python*/

print”Hello world”

Python Programming Help Concepts

  1. Python IDE: Komodo, Pydev, Eric, PyScripter, SPyder, PyCharm, SPE, Wing IDE, etc.
  2. Python Libraries:

-Basic Libraries: SciPy, IPython, Matplotlib, Pandas, NumPy, etc.

-Machine Learning: Theano, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, etc.

-NLP and Data Mining: NLTK, Pattern, Scrapy

-Visualizations and Plotting: Basemap, NetworkX, Bokesh, Seaborn.

  1. Python Top Proficiency: CSS3/HTML5, jQuery, Ajax/JavaScript, Django
  2. Python Modules: datetime, re, random, math
  3. Python Application Development:

-GUI based Application Development:

  • Image processing and Graphic Design Applications
  • Computational and Scientific Applications
  • Games Applications

-Desktop and Mobile Application Development:

  • Cross Platform Mobile Apps Development
  • Cross Platform Desktop Application Development
  1. Python Programming Primitives Help
  • Variables
  • Built-in data types:



-Data-type methods

  • Syntax
  • Comments
  • Semantics

Python Programming Help Services

  • Customized Web Application Development
  • Python Web Service Development
  • Customization and Deployment of Open source and Commercial systems
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • E-Commerce Solutions Development
  • Ongoing support and upgrade of the existing websites
  • Specific Instructions for OS Installation

                  -Mac: Require Homebrew to manage variety version of Python

                  -Windows: Run Python easily over this OS

                         –Add system path to install Python using “python.exe”

                 -Linux: Latest version of Python supported using package manager

Now, let’s take one Python Program in “P2P Live Streaming”

#Import Required Python Packages

import rtmp, multitask

# overwrite Protocol.parsemessage to intercept and forward data packets between Astral nodes (start-up messages will need to be simulated)

# AstralApp extends the default App in rtmp module.

class AstralApp(rtmp.App):

# constructor invokes base class constructor

def __init__(self):


# rtmp://localhost:1935/astral receives and forwards streams

#rtmp._debug = True

# a new RTMP server instance

agent = rtmp.FlashServer()

# rtmp://ADDR:PORT/astral will route to our AstralApp instance

agent.apps = dict({‘astral’: AstralApp})

# start the server on localhost port 1935

agent.start(‘’, 1935)

Sample Python Programming Help Topics:

  • An effective performance of Successfully Mapping based on DASH Over P2P Live Streaming Architecture
  • An efficient mechanism for Modeling based on free riders by P2P live streaming systems
  • An effective performance boost for peer to peer WebRTC-based on video streaming by network coding
  • A new mechanism for Abstracting .torrent content consumption based two-mode graphs and their projection by content networks
  • On the use of Edge-Clouds to Reduce Load based by Traditional WiFi Infrastructures and Improve Quality for Experience
  • An efficient mechanism for P2P video conferencing system based by WebRTC
  • A new mechanism for overlay management strategy into improve peer stability by P2P live streaming systems
  • An effective usage of Reputation based mesh-tree-mesh cluster hybrid architecture in P2P live streaming
  • An effective performance for Two-tier peer selection strategy into minimize delay by P2P live streaming systems
  • A new Performance Analysis for Network-Coding-Based on P2P Live Streaming Systems


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