Java Based Projects List

    Java Based Projects List is the best solution for both students who planning to do final year project as well as those interested in the Java programming. We support Java based Projects List for students in computer science and engineering disciplines. We strengthen our students by providing real-time project training, which is useful for students to get a practical knowledge on latest technology. We have 150+ technical experts who provide a conceptual clarity to the students about their projects. Our approach is highly different from others i.e. we say “Trust Yourself that you can do it and Get it”. We offer enormous support starting from topic selection to doctorate graduation completion and also cater the needs of students from different academic levels.

Java Based Projects List

   Java Based Projects List exposes wide-range of topics that collected in several application domains and research areas.  Every student is required to submit final year project, which addresses the ethics of respective domain. For the most part, students are facing a problem in algorithm development, software design, system architecture, programming languages and tools. Through the project work, students can participate in a series of programs like project training, workshops, seminars, etc. This course is applied for all students and covers every aspects of final year project.

Java Project Training Courses

Java Programming Modules

  • Core Java Programming
  • Advanced Java Programming
  • Concurrent Programming
  • Java Frameworks, and Editions
  • Java Programming Technology

Java Programming Aspects

  • JDBC Database Connectivity
  • Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets
  • Java API (, java.lang, java.util)
  • Java Security Mechanisms
  • Automated and Unit Testing Building Systems
  • Web Fundamentals and Networking
  • Internet Application Development with Google Web Toolkit

Java Programming Projects

  • Live Project Development
  • Project Deployment
  • IEEE Project Development
  • Application Project Development
  • Online Project Development
  • Java Embedded Project Development

Future Directions in Java Programming

  • Single filtering application for all projects
  • OpenCV Java Bindings (Machine Vision)
  • Image/Audio/Video Recognition
  • Creative Arts using Java Library
  • Language Understanding (Google Translate, Syntaxnet)
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Approaches
  • Oracle Cloud for PaaS and IaaS
  • Software Engineering for Mobile Apps (e.g. Google’s Play Store)

Java based Projects List

  • An effective performance for robust algorithm of encrypted medical volume data in retrieval by 3D DWT and 3D DFT
  • An efficient mechanism for Enhancing Crowd Collaborations based on Software Defined Vehicular Networks
  • A novel study of Secret digital images over cloud computing used by on meaningful secret sharing technique
  • A novel technology of Data Offloading into 5G-Enabled Software-Defined Vehicular Networks
  • The new process of Web Mining and Computer Vision of New Partners by Object-Based Activity Recognition
  • A new technology of Research for peg – in – hole assembly based on redundant dual-arm robot by neural networks
  • An effective mechanism for Image Segmentation Based on Multi-Focus Image Fusion Through by Multi-Scale Convolutional in Neural Network
  • A novel technology of Using Jetstream Research Cloud into Provide by Science Gateway Resources
  • An efficient mechanism for Discrete Multimodal Hashing with in Canonical Views by Robust Mobile Landmark Search