Interesting Java Projects

    Interesting Java Projects is the world’s largest research organization which provides well and good project training for students. Java is a great programming language and software platform for developing any kind of application. Our interesting Java projects are evolved based on current technology. The vast size of students are looking for interesting Java projects in different application domains like Green Computing, Image Forgery Applications, Web Development, Game Development, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Web Crawling etc. Students and research scholars play a significant role while developing projects. If you have got the inspiration to do project from us, you just drop one mail and start living your dream.

Interesting Java Projects

    Interesting Java Projects is a continuous journey that never ends. Java technology provides technical sound solution in application domains like embedded devices, mobile domains, hardware controllers and real-time control systems like telecommunication satellite, energy and power systems supply, factory automation, nuclear power plants, airport aviation flight control, aircraft control etc. We provide research guidance for doctorate students in studying PhD and MS and our excellent writers who help for paper publication in international journal standards (IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, ACM, ScienceDirect). Here’s we illustrates what our experts will currently offer for students. Before that students should know some ideal features of Java for doing Interesting Java Projects.

Ideal Features of Java

  • Massive growth in popularity
  • Support programming in the heterogeneous and networked world
  • Realize E-Commerce/Web Applications
  • Support programming handheld devices (Phones, PDA’s etc.)
  • Integrates DBs and other technologies
  • Allows complete set of APIs for distributed applications development
  • It minimizes desktop administration costs

     We have highly talented engineers that can share you the knowledge for understanding embedded applications and give you the real-time exposure of knowhow to implement the embedded systems. Let’s know the embedded system tasks,

  • Data communication
  • Data control and monitoring
  • Data collection and storage
  • Application specific user interface
  • Data or signal processing

Supported Real-Time Operating Systems:

  • Real-Time Multitasking Operating System (SMX)
  • RTOS based New Operating System (PORTOS)
  • Real-Time Computing Operating System (VxWorks)
  • Windows (Pocket Windows, Windows CE, Embedded XP)
  • Embedded OS (TRON)
  • Solaris Real-Time Extensions
  • QNX, LynxOS Operating Systems
  • Linux Variants (TimeSys Linux, FSM RT-Linux, Blue Cat Linux, Monta Vista Linux)

Major Application Areas:

Automotive Industry

  • Automatic navigation system, engine control, anti-lock breaking system, ignition control, etc.

Banking and Retail Applications

  • Smart vendor machine, cash register, automatic teller machine, share market, etc.

Card Readers

  • Smart card readers, handheld devices, bar code, etc.

Consumer Electronics

  • Cameras, camcorders, etc.


  • ECG, EEG, MRI, Glucose monitor, blood pressure monitor, CT scanner

Home Automation

  • Closed circuit television cameras, air conditioners, sprinkler, intruder detection alarms, etc.

Household Appliances

  • DVD player, fridge, microwave oven, washing machine, television, etc.


  • Telephone switches, cellular telephones, router, etc.

Security System

  • Remote software attacks, irreversible hardware attacks, promity based passive hardware attacks, reversible active proximity based attacks

Most Interesting Java Projects List:

  • The new performance of Computationally Efficient TDOA/FDOA Estimation for Unknown Communication Signals by Electronic Warfare Systems
  • An efficient mechanism for Practical Experience with EMI of Radio-Communication System Versus Power Electronics in SiC
  • An efficient performance for Future military mobile radio communication systems from electronic by warfare perspective
  • An effective usage of Wireless Multifunctional Electronic Current Transformer in ZigBee-Based Communication
  • A new mechanism for power electronics on visible light communication
  • A novel technique for Design of electronic subsystems in 300 GHz wireless communication system
  • A novel study of First Principles Optimization for Opto-Electronic Communication Links
  • An effective mechanism for Electrooculography based on electronic communication device in by individuals with ALS
  • A new process of Accelerating real-time computer vision applications used by HW/SW co-design
  • The new process of characterization for aperture coupled patch antenna based wearable applications