List of Web Application Projects in Java

     List of Web Application Projects in Java is our advanced platform that supports for students final year projects. We have world class Java experts who developed 5000+ projects in Java technology (JSP, Servlet, Struts, Spring, Hibernate). We are providing the list of web application projects in Java. All these projects have been developed under our expert’s guidance, which is mainly for student purpose. Developing the web application projects is an easy task for students because the number of opportunities for the developer to do something innovative and more exciting. For this reason, we put more effort for it. Stop Afraid of your Final Year Projects. Get your Web Application Projects from our top-experts.

List of Web Application Projects in Java

      List of Web Application Projects in Java provides powerful projects for students and scholars. We have an idea on how to create powerful applications. Our List of Web Application Projects in Java provides the widest list of projects with the mind of help students and research scholars. Our top experts utilize several of web application tools to perform student tasks. In this page, we will see a list of tools for Java Web Applications Development. Most of the Java tools are open source and freely available tools. The tools vary based on user’s applications and Getting stated with these tools of your web application projects.

Java Web Development Tools:

  • Apache Log4j (Logging Java Library that useful for detecting application failures)
  • Akka (Java runtime toolkit for developing distributed, concurrent and message driven applications)
  • Apache Commons (Open source Java Software Products)
  • Apache Pivot (Open source platform for constructing installable Internet applications)
  • Eclipse (Open source integrate development environment for Java)
  • Hibernate ORM (Library which allows to map Java classes to database tables)
  • Jackson (Standard JSON Parser library for Java)
  • JDOM (Java based DOM for representing XML files)
  • JFreeChart (Java Chart Library which allows displaying professional charts in an application)
  • JProfiler (Intuitive Java profiler that monitors the different JVM level parameters)
  • Google Guava (Open source set of libraries for Java)
  • LWJGL 3 (Light Weight Java Game Library, which is used in conjunction with Java development frameworks)
  • Netty (Robust client server framework for facilitating rapid application development)
  • Play (Powerful web framework for web applications development)
  • Spark (Robust application framework used in Java 8)
  • SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit/open source widget library for providing access to the user interface elements of the OS)

Some of Web Applications that We Have Built:

  • Payment Gateway Implementation
  • Discount Cards
  • Online Bookings
  • Video Management
  • Online based Web Applications
  • Word Processors
  • Online Spreadsheets
  • Web Presentation Tools Design

Other More Advanced Applications:

  • Point of Sale Applications
  • Video Editing Applications
  • Project Management
  • Computer Aided Design

Current List of Web Application Projects in Java:

  • The new process of an ICT eHealth mobile web application for young indigenous fathers- Stay in OnTrack
  • A proficient performance for Search-Based Testing Approach of XML Injection Vulnerabilities in Web Applications
  • An effectual HispaSim concert based web application for satellite link budget optimization and management
  • On the use of Secure SPARQL Queries in Semantic Web Applications based by PHP
  • A propose process of Searching for Behavioural Bugs based Stateful Test Oracles by Web Crawlers
  • An effectual method for towards an extensible web application usage mining framework for actionable knowledge
  • On the use of Layered Multi-dimensional Hidden Markov Model for Cloud Resource Scaling based on Big Data Streaming Applications
  • The new performance of Web API recommendation based on service cooperative network
  • A innovative presentation for WebAPIRec with Recommending Web APIs to Software Projects by Personalized Ranking
  • An effective performance for interoperable approach in Sensor Web provenance
  • A new method for Developing geospatial Web service and system based SMAP on soil moisture monitoring
  • The new development of Social media geo-sensing services for EO missions under sensor web environment
  • An proficient performance for Extracting Hierarchical Structure of Web Video Groups Based on Sentiment-Aware Signed Network Analysis
  • A technique based on Integrating Tag, Topic, Co-Occurrence, and Popularity to Recommend Web APIs for Mashup Creation
  • An effective performance for Enabling Multi-Topic and Cross-Language Browsing on use of Web-Semantics Service