Open Source Java Projects for Students

     Open Source Java Projects for Students is our primary service which is created for final year students and research scholars. Nowadays, open source projects are booming among students. We have used nearly 100+ Open Source Tools for student projects or to use themself. Each month, over 200+ projects are committed with our research community because our experts are sharing their knowledge and help them to build their careers. Our Java programming experts have the real-life experience in open source projects so they are well comfort in doing open source Java projects for students. We provide best project training for students pursuing B.E/B.Tech (CSE, ECE, EEE, E&I, IT) and doctorate students in various disciplines like Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical and Electronics Projects, etc. Pick the most interest topic…you can surely get finished by us.

Open Source Java Projects for Students

     Open Source Java Projects for Students is a best place to buy your academic projects. It’s TRUE due to our 150+ Well-Genius Programmers. There are 5000+ Open Source Projects are done using Java. During project development, our developer prepares the implementation plan from your requirements. The implementation plan covers all your requirements with detailed explanation. After this phase only, we start to implement your projects. Here we recommend few ideas for your open source Java projects.

A Few Open Source based Java Tools:

  • JabRef (Desktop Application that moving from Swing to JavaFX)
  • TEAMMATES (Free Online Tool for managing peer review process)
  • Elasticsearch (Distributed, Open Source, and RESTful Search Engine)
  • Wikimedia Commons Android App (Application that allows mobile users to upload pictures from their smartphones to Wikimedia commons)

Cool Things to Crack your Open Source Java Projects:

  • Use Hibernate techniques to strengthen application
  • Conversion of Java Project to Struts
  • Add Servlets for Web based Programming
  • Use some JUnit Testing
  • Refactor the application using Ant
  • Use a Database Layer
  • GUI Development Programs
  • Add Persistence Layer for information storing and management
  • Use Abstract Classes and Interface for Project Recreation
  • Learn OO Techniques to Develop Simple Command Driven Application

Open Source based Project Ideas:

  • AWS Lambda Function with Serverless Computing
  • Docker with Jenkins for Java Web App Development
  • Docker Swarm with Docker Containers
  • Apache Phoenix NoSQL Database for Strong SQL Programming
  • Java Application Deployment in Docker
  • Apache Spark to Analyse data
  • Spring Batch for Batch Processing
  • Java Vert.x for JVM based Distributed Application Framework
  • Java Akka for JVM based Application Development
  • Java Spring Data of NoSQL repositories Neo4J, Redis, and MongoDB

/* Sample Java Code for Logistic Regression Algorithm using Apache Spark Mlib */

// DataFrame contains the label and features for every record which is represented by a vector

StructType schema = new StructType (new StrcutField []{

new StructField(“label”, DataTypes.DoubleType, false, Metadata.empty()),

new StructField(“features”, new VectorUDT(), false, Metadata.empty()),


DataFrame daf= jsql.createDataFrame(data, schema);

// Setting Logistic Regression Algorithm Parameters and the number of iterations in 100

LogisticRegression lor = new LogisticRegression().setMaxIter(100);

// Data fit to the model

LogisticRegressionModel model =;

// Get the feature weights by inspecting the model

vector weights = model.weights ();

//Predict each point label, and display the results from a given dataset

model.transform (daf).show();

Research Topics in Open Source Java Projects for Students:

  • A novel mechanism of big data Based on Apache Spark for Efficient Distributed Smith-Waterman Algorithm
  • The new process of Efficient big data analysis on a single machine using apache spark and self-organizing map libraries
  • An effectual performance for Classifying Short Unstructured Data use of Apache Spark Platform
  • A technology based on Big Data Under Apache Spark mechanism for an Information Theory-Based Feature Selection Framework
  • A competent performance of Linked data partitioning for RDF processing on big data in Apache Spark
  • An efficient process of Effective Prediction for Missing Data on Apache Spark over Multivariable Time Series
  • On the use of Apache Spark on Hadoop YARN Model In-Memory Parallel Processing of big data in Massive Remotely Sensed Data
  • On the use of apache spark in Nearest Neighbor Classification for High-Speed Big Data Streams
  • A new process of big data in Large-Scale Data Pollution with Apache Spark
  • An effective performance of Parallel Random Forest Algorithm for Big Data in a Spark Cloud Computing Environment
  • A new-fangled process of first approach to handle fuzzy emerging patterns mining on big data problems and used EvAEFP-spark algorithm
  • An effective performance of Hierarchical Spark Multi-Cluster Big Data Computing Framework