Javascript Projects

   Javascript Projects is our unique service created for our students in studying BE/BTech/ME/MTech and research scholars in pursuing PhD/MS. We have 150+ experienced trainers and experts who expertise in developing JavaScript projects and can work directly with students to sharing knowledge. We can help you to create inventive apps that work on Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows and more. There are various opportunities students can get by selecting for project training. We provide consultation services at every phase of your JavaScript projects. If you need assistance for your JavaScript projects, feel free to contact us.

Javascript Projects

    Javascript Projects is the best way to make your final year project as per your project needs. JavaScript is an OO based scripting language which is inside a web browser. It offers programmatic control feature to the objects (a host environment). JavaScript comprised of library objects (Array, Date and Math), language elements (Control Structures, Operators and Statements). In this page we describe the most popular JavaScript terminologies include libraries, frameworks, and tools. In this roundup we have pileup a list of JavaScript projects titles that gives some ideas to build your projects effective and useful in real-life applications.

JavaScript Support for

  • Advanced mobile charting
  • Back-end development
  • Business logic
  • Database management
  • Front-end rendering
  • Smooth Scrolling
  • Web development

Top JavaScript Libraries

  • AmplitudeJS (Lightweight JavaScript Library)
  • AOS (Animate on Scroll Library)
  • ANIX (Easy-to-use animation library)
  • BetterScroll (Scrolling Library)
  • Britecharts (Client-side reusable charting library)
  • CamanJS (For image manipulation)
  • Domtastic (Event & DOM library)
  • Fecha (Replace parsing and date formatting library)
  • FLUBBER (Best guess interpolation library)
  • JS (Modern library for JavaScript animation)
  • JS (JavaScript Library for Simple DOM Query Execution)
  • MouseTrap (For handling international keyboard layouts)
  • JS (Library to change to dragging the mouse left and right)
  • JS (Validation library)
  • Picker (JavaScript Library for iOS UIPickerView Creation)
  • JS (Micro JavaScript Library for optimization)
  • T-SCROLL (Modern Reveal on Scroll Library)
  • JS (Tiny library to support graceful downgrade from CSS to Canvas)
  • Workbox (Set of collection JavaScript Libraries)
  • JS (JavaScript Library for desktop and mobile applications)

 Top JavaScript Frameworks

  • AngularJS (Model View Whatever framework)
  • Aurelia (Better JS framework in OO Programming)
  • JS (Best web application framework)
  • MeteorJS (Most popular JS framework)
  • MithrilJS (Similar to ReactJS)
  • NodeJS (Lightweight and efficient JS framework)
  • PloymarJS (JS Framework from Google)
  • ReactJS (Fast growing JS framework)
  • JS (Two way data binding framework)

Other Supported Frameworks

  • js
  • js
  • Underscore and Lodash

Supported Editors

  • Ace (Cloud9 IDE)
  • Atom
  • CodeMirror (Brackets, Light Table)
  • Koding
  • Orion
  • VSCode
  • WebStorm plus vim
  • Visual Studio
  • Notepad++
  • Sublime Text
  • WebStorm (JetBrains IDEs)

Supported JS Tools

  • General purpose task runners (Gulp.js, Grunt, npm)
  • Linting (JSLint, JSHint, ESLint)
  • Module bundlers (Browserify, RequireJS, Webpack)
  • Test suites (Jasmine, Mocha, QUnit)

Applications of JavaScript

  • Migrating Complex JavaScript Applications
  • Windows Applications Testing using Appium Framework
  • End-to-End Testing Web Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Native and Secure Mobile Applications
  • Hardware based Applications (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi)
  • Building Real-Time Applications (e.g. Android Apps)
  • Build Applications using Integrated Technology (e.g. MySQL, Java, PHP)

/*Sample JavaScript using Angular JS */

// Source code for Routing Location Service

angular.module(“mainModule”, [])
.controller(“mainrouteController”, function ($scope, $location)
function refreshValues()
$scope.locationAbsoluteUrl = $location.absUrl();
$scope.locationUrl = $location.url();
$scope.locationProtocol = $location.protocol();
$scope.locationHostname = $;
$scope.locationPort = $location.port();
$scope.locationurlPath = $location.path();
$scope.locationSearchquery = $;
$scope.locationunique = $location.hash();

var urlValCounter = 0;
var pathValCounter = 0;
var hashValCounter = 0;

$scope.URLlocationChangeStartCounter = 0;
$scope.locationChangeSuccessCounter = 0;


$scope.$on(“$URLlocationChangeStart”, function (event)

Latest JavaScript Projects Titles

  • An innovative progression of JSFox based on Integrating Static with Dynamic Type Analysis of JavaScript Programs practice
  • A modern function of Interactive network application intended for exploring matrices of neural connectivity scheme
  • A new-fangled practice of Detecting Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities throughout by Automated Unit Testing system
  • A competent mechanism for Modeling and Verification of User Interactions via Constraint Programming practice
  • A creative function of statically glance for Web API Requests into JavaScript
  • A successful progress of Improving EPUB3 ebooks accessibility throughout by Javascript and CSS
  • A new function of Partition-Based on Coverage Metrics with Type-Guided Search into Concolic Testing intended for JavaScript Applications system
  • The proficient method for Analysis of JavaScript Web Applications via SAFE 2.0
  • A competent function of Web-Based on Portal used for Assessing Citizen Well-Being system
  • A successful progression of conformity analysis based on array objects into JavaScript practice
  • The proficient method of Analysis the Browser Performance based on jQuery, SAPUI5 & JavaScript structure
  • An efficient routine layout faults detection technique within responsive web pages considering by JavaScript defined active layouts scheme
  • A new process of Secure Javascript Object Notation (SecJSON) for enabling granular secrecy with integrity of JSON documents
  • A creative method of Detect Cross-Browser Issues designed for JavaScript-Based Web Applications derived from Record/Replay practice
  • A new progression of Improving JavaScript performance via efficient in-memory bytecode caching system

        We have established this service for students and research scholars. Hope, these titles help you to start your JavaScript projects. Currently, we working for doctorate research students and we expand our services for both engineering students and research scholars.