Open Source Projects in Java

     Open Source Projects in Java is primarily for students in studying final year degree program. Java is a very expressive language as a result of its global and local variables, abrupt termination, references, breaks out of loops, procedures, and exceptions and also its object orient support (inheritance and behavioural subtyping, etc.). We are working on such a Java programming concepts to develop quality projects for students and also for research scholars. There are lot of open source projects developed in Java and those projects are pretty interesting as well as seem to be useful in real-time. Our world class certified programmers presented simple Java methods to improve code readability. Our annual list of projects reached at 5000 and covered nearly 70+ popular research areas. Get in touch with us today. We are happy to help you.

Open Source Projects in Java

       Open Source Projects in Java is help for students with provide professional project development training and quality project, but it’s certainly not the only reason to create. Open source projects in Java can change your way of studying and we are preparing you for future life.  We provide various open source products (SDKs, Libraries) during project development. Let’s see some SDK,

  • Apache Shiro (Flexible and powerful open source security framework)
  • nJWT (JSON Web Token Library)
  • JJWT (Apache licenced software)
  • io &
  • JWT Inspector (Open source chrome extension)
  • VMware vSphere (Open Source SDKs)
  • Dom4j, iText, HttpClient (Open source Java libraries for Twitter)

Open Source Java Development

  • The Spring Framework (J2EE framework and lightweight container)
  • Eclipse (Integrate development environment)
  • Maven (Build and deployment tool for project management)
  • Subversion (Version control system)
  • CUBA platform (Open source Java web framework)
  • Other Java frameworks





Open source software can be used in the following areas:

  • Application development

              -E-commerce application development

              -Content management system development

              -User interface development

              -Web site functionality development

               -High volume web based data architecture design

  • Custom software development
  • Open source project integration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content management
  • Web design and development
  • Online social gaming applications
  • Social networking applications (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Social media behaviour analysis

/* Sample Java code for Twitter Application using dom4j open source library */

// Source code for tweets in dom4j

import org.dom4j.Element;

public interface Tweets_Consumer {

public String tweet (Element element) throws TweetsException;


// TweetException.Java

public class TweetsException extends Exception {

private static final long serialVersionUID =75881860785296.

public TweetsException (Exception e) {

super (e);



      This article shares few topics on social networking. Find the best topic for your final year projects. In addition to the final year projects, we also provide complete support for research paper writing, thesis writing, conference paper writing, review paper writing, journal publication, proofreading, customized project support, etc.

  • On the use of Facebook and twitter practice for Digital identity based on by recommendation system
  • An effective mechanism for Twitter based Crawling through web to extract the data from Social networking site
  • A Sentiment Classification Analysis for Facebook Users Relationships scheme
  • The effectual time-varying social networks based on probabilistic link prediction model
  • A novel intend process of Human relationships analytics based on social networks
  • An effective mechanism for social media platforms intended for Data privacy model
  • On the use of hashtags and memes in Online Social Networks for Data mining and social web semantics
  • A framework function of Secure Gesture Based on Authentication system for Unlock the Smartphones
  • Using SaaS architecture based on customer care for Real world smart chatbot
  • Online Social Network Information Forensics: A Survey on Use of Various Tools and Determining How Cautious Facebook Users are?
  • A novel practice of Social media adoption framework for aged care service providers in Australia
  • The Content Dissemination Networks based on Social-Aware Resource Allocation for Evolutionary Game Approach