Best Java Open Source Projects

     Best Java Open Source Projects is prepared for upcoming beginners. We have most used Java libraries for open source Java projects. A common problem encountered by programmers is how to use the Java features across different projects. Java libraries contain classes and packages, which allows users to address the general programming issues and extends to support the functionality of the code. Many good project initiatives have started by our top-experts, which are presently on-going because students to get the knowledge in this particular platform. Our best Java open source projects are provided throughout the world by interlinking all technical institutes/universities/colleges with our top experts. We make every day your best day in the life. We promise you that we provide Best Java Open Source projects.

Best Java Open Source Projects

     Best Java Open Source Projects served for students to get strong kind of energy for implementing their projects. There are so many people want to get started Java Open Source Projects. For every project, we hold your hands to get in and making your own projects should be clean and effective. In addition, we provide timely features in getting the actual product from us. If your program has not worked, no matter you just commit with us.

What works are taken up for students?

  • 1, 00, 000 Research Topics Suggestion
  • Software Development
  • Organize Seminars, Training Programs, and Workshops for students
  • PhD Research Guidance
  • Final Year Projects Development
  • Customized Project Support
  • Online Explanation
  • Provide Assignment Help, Homework Help, Online Help
  • Real-Time/Online Project Development

Let’s see the Open Source Software in Java,

  • Open source AJAX Frameworks (DWR, ThinWire, Natural Ajax, SweetDEV RIA, ICEfaces)
  • Open Source Java Bloggers (MapleBlog, The Roller Weblogger, Blojsom, SnipSnap, Pebble, Blog, JSP Blog)
  • Open Source Java Build Systems (Rant, Maven, Ant, JMK, Savant, Cruise Control, Invicta, Bee, CPMake, LuntBuild, JAM, GenJar)
  • Open Source Java Cache Solutions (OSCache, EHCache, Java Caching System, JCache, SwarmCache, JBossCache, WhirlyCache, Jofti, Cache4j)
  • Open Source Java Chat Servers (FreeCS, Chat Everywhere, GuiChat, Chipchat, OpenChat, LlamaChat, Claros Chat, Ace Operator)
  • Open Source Java Code Analyzers (QJ-Pro, FindBugs, PMD, JLint, Hammurapi, DoctorJ, Condenser, JCSC, JDepend, CheckStyle, JDiff)

Supported Open Source Libraries:

  • Open Source ByteCode Libraries in Java (Javassist, BCEL, ObjectWeb ASM, JClassLib, Package gnu.bytecode, Cojen, SERP, Trove Class File API, Jiapi, cglib, Classfile Reader and Writer, Jen, Soot)
  • Open Source Collections Java Libraries (Trove, Commons Primitives, Commons Collections, tclib, PCJ, FastUtil, Mango)
  • Open Source Java Libraries (SLF4J, Google Guava, Log4J, JUnit)
  • Open Source Java XML Manipulation and Parser Libraries (Apache Commons Digester for XML, JSoup, JDOM, DOM4J, XERCES)
  • Open Source Java Graph Libraries (JFreeChart, JasperReports)

Supported Open Source Tools:

  • Open Source Java Charting and Reporting Tools (jFreeChart, JasperReports, jCharts, Cewolf, JCCKit, JOpenChart, Chart2D, JFreeReport, iReport, ART, JChart2D, Open Reports)
  • Open Source Java Code Beautifiers (Jalopy, ImportScrubber, JxBeauty, BeautyJ, Java2Html)
  • Open Source Database Connection Pools (C3P0, Proxool, Jakarta DBCP, Db Connection Broker, DBPool, DDConnectionBroker, Primrose, XAPool, SmartPool, MiniConnectionPoolManager)
  • Open Source Code Coverage Java Tools (InsECT, NoUnit, Quit, Jester, JVMDI Code Coverage Analyser, jCoverage/gpl, JBlanket, Cobertura)
  • Open Source Java Crawlers (WebSPHINX, Heritrix, JSpider, WebEater, Java Web Crawler, WebLech, JoBo)
  • Open Source Database Engines (Mckoi SQL Database, Quadcap Embeddable Database)

/* Sample Java Code for Face Detection using OpenCV Tool*/

    Java OpenCV supports to develop Digital Image Processing applications. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The supported features of OpenCV are listed below:

  • Image Smoothing
  • Dilation and Erudition
  • Morphology Transformations
  • Image Pyramids
  • Thresholding Operations
  • Histogram Calculation
  • Remapping
  • Image Segmentation
  • Object Tracking and Detection
  • Camera Calibration
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Face Detection and Tracking

// Source Code

public class opencvFaceDetection extends Application
public void start(Stage mycvApp)
// load the FXML resource
FXMLLoader cvxmlloader = new FXMLLoader(getClass().getResource(“FaceDetection.fxml”));
BorderPane pane = (BorderPane) cvxmlloader.load();

Scene window = new Scene(pane, 800, 600);
            // create the stage with the given title and the previously created scene
            // show the GUI
// init the controller
            FaceDetectionController ctrl = loader.getController();
// set the proper behavior on closing the application
primaryStage.setOnCloseRequest((new EventHandler<WindowEvent>() {
public void handle(WindowEvent we)
catch (Exception e)

Best Java Open Source Projects Titles:

  • A novel technology of Enabling effective for Mobile Edge Computing used by millimeterwave links
  • A new process of Research in service recommendation by reliability of mobile computing
  • A novel technique of Leveraging sensor data content to assure sensor device trustworthiness based on Mobile Edge Computing
  • An efficient performance for Gap analysis in adapting distributed mobility management model by 4G/5G mobile networks
  • A novel study of Social-Energy-Based Routing for Mobile Social Delay-Tolerant Networks
  • An effective performance of Mobile Charging based Wireless-Powered Sensor Networks by Optimal Scheduling
  • An effective mechanism for RGB-D Scene Labeling based on Multimodal Recurrent by Neural Networks
  • A novel technology of Encoding bird’s trajectory used by Recurrent in Neural Networks
  • An effective mechanism for Short-term recommendation within recurrent neural networks