Projects in Core Java

    Projects in Core Java provide all round support for students. Students have the opportunity to leaning basics and advance concepts of Java. Java is the most reliable programming and it provides unbeatable performance and speed. Core Java is a basic Java programming which is used for writing code and logics. We can develop real time based application projects using core Java. These projects developed using other technologies such as AWT, JDBC, JSP, Swings and Servlets. We provide very detailed and customized project report for students to understand about their projects as well as we provide project based training for Java and other technologies. If you are interested in Java projects in core Java, approach us immediately.

Projects in Core Java

  Projects in Core Java provide great opportunity for students. Our aims to build bridge between student’s community and our expert’s community for providing continuous assistance for students and researchers who are implementing projects in core Java and other related Java technologies. In this page, we discuss about the “Software Mining”, which is one of the popular research fields using Java. Students who are interested in software mining are invited to our organization. To get better understanding about this research field, we discuss lot of techniques, methodologies and approaches of software mining.

Research Topics include:

  • Emerging data mining and machine learning approaches
  • Data mining foundations for software analytics
  • Frequent pattern mining techniques
  • Evolutionary computing techniques
  • Software mining techniques and models
  • Privacy preserving software mining
  • Mining large scale software systems
  • Specific software data mining
  • Multimedia opinion mining

Software Mining based Applications

  • Design pattern level applications
  • Architectural level applications
  • Application level applications
  • Data level applications
  • Program level applications
  • Business level applications
  • Graph level applications
  • Multimedia applications
  • Web level applications

Supported Tools and Libraries for Software Mining

  • Machine Learning Tools (e.g. Amazon Machine Learning, Apache Spark)
  • Data Mining Tools (e.g. Weka, KNIME, RapidMiner)
  • Natural Language Processing Tools (e.g. WordNet, Apache OpenNLP)
  • Software Analytics Tools (e.g. RStudio, Annotation Studio)
  • Text Mining Tools (e.g. Twinword, Textable, Apache UIMA)
  • Text Analytics Tools (e.g. NLTK, WordNet)
  • Data Analytics Tools (e.g. Apache Spark, Flink, Mahout)

/*Sample Java Code for Mining Software Data*/

// Source code for Neural Network Software

import java.lang.Math;

public class Neural_Network


public static int numEpochs = 300; //number of training cycles

public static int numInputs  = 4; //number of inputs – this includes the input bias

public static int numHidden  = 3; //number of hidden units

public static int numPatterns = 3; //number of training patterns

public static double LR_IH = 0.7; //learning rate

public static double LR_HO = 0.07; //learning rate

// Variables processing…..

public static int patNum;

public static double errThisPat;

public static double outPred;

public static double RMSerror;

// Training data…..

public static double[][] trainInputs  = new double[numPatterns][numInputs];

public static double[] trainOutput = new double[numPatterns];

// Outputs of the hidden neurons…..

public static double[] hiddenVal  = new double[numHidden];

// Weights calculate…..

public static double[][] weightsIH = new double[numInputs][numHidden];

public static double[] weightsHO = new double[numHidden];

    Here we provided some of the project topics under “Software Mining”. You can these topics for your final year projects. We provide complete support for these topics.

  • A Competition-aware task routing intended for contest based on crowdsourced software development system
  • The fresh process of evaluating micro patterns with software metrics into vulnerability prediction system
  • On the difference between Unit as well as Integration Testing into the Travis Torrent Dataset practice
  • A new-fangled method used for Leveraging Automated Sentiment Analysis into Software Engineering system
  • An efficient process of Exception Evolution based into Long-Lived Java Systems
  • The new development of Bootstrapping a Lexicon system used for Emotional Arousal into Software Engineering
  • An innovative purpose of Classifying Code Comments into Java Open-Source Software Systems
  • A novel system for Source File Set Search intended for Clone-and-Own Reuse Analysis practice
  • The successful process of Cost Effective Build Outcome forecast by Cascaded Classifiers method
  • An effective function of analyzing the Impact of Social Attributes based on Commit Integration Success scheme
  • A new-fangled source code process based on inspection tool via mining recurring changes into evolving software system
  • An effectual process of hybrid approach to code reviewer recommendation with collaborative filtering system
  • A competent mechanism used for Mining temporal intervals commencing of real-time system traces method
  • The intend function based on Mining specifications by nested words scheme
  • An effective task of Structure and development based on a Package Dependency Networks practice