Java Application Source Code Projects

     Java Application Source Code Projects is our leading platform which provides excellent projects for students and research scholars. Java is a flexible programming language because of its wide range of open source libraries. The special feature of Java Programming is to “Multi-Platform” support. This means that would run in multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Students, who take up Java Application Source Code Projects, start with the popular and innovative idea. Our top-experts provide simple coding that would help students and scholars with the help of their expertise and experience. We have developed nearly 5000+ Java application Source Code Projects for students from all over the world. Please approach us now. We accomplish your project with best source code.

Java Application Source Code Projects

    Java Application Source Code Projects is started for students those who needs our service. Java application projects are preferred by majority of the students and scholars today due to its wide range of tools and functionality support. All the advanced tools and software would be easy for our experts so we would recommend anyone who wants Java Application Projects to use this service. If you only have basic knowledge in Java Programming then no problem, just contact us and get to learn the Advanced Java Programming.

Our Support for Java Application Projects:

  • Java Presentation Layer (Ext JS and JQuery)
  • Java Web Frameworks (Struts, Tapestry, JSF)
  • Java Application Servers (Apache Tomcat, WebSphere, Glass Fish)
  • Java Integration Frameworks (Springsource, MuleSoft, Apache Camel)
  • Java Application Databases (MySQL, PostgresSQL, SQLServer)

Support for Front End Tools/Software:

  • AJAX
  • Reverse AJAX
  • Bower
  • jQuery and jQuery UI/Mobile Frameworks
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • AngularJS (Grunt, Jasmine, Karma, Angular UI/Material)
  • HTML5 or CSS3 and SaSS or LeSS
  • ReactJS
  • js
  • Direct Web Remoting
  • Twitter Bootstrap and Co

Support for Mobile Technologies:

  • iOS or Swift
  • C++
  • Blackberry or BES
  • Android

Support for Integration Software:

  • JMeter (Load Testing)
  • Jenkins or Hudson
  • Web Driver, Thucydides, Selenium (Functional Testing)
  • Phpunit, dbunit, junit (Component and Unit Testing)
  • Solt
  • Maven Software

Sample Topics in Java Application Source Code Projects:

  • An efficient mechanism for QoS-aware Deployment of IoT Applications during Fog
  • An effective mechanism for GPU-Accelerated Parallel Hierarchical Extreme Learning Machine by Flink into Big Data
  • An effective usage of IEEE Draft Standard by Biometric Open Protocol
  • An efficient mechanism for Reviving Sequential Program of Birthmarking based on Multithreaded Software by Plagiarism Detection
  • An effective performance for Automated Test Case Generation as a Many-Objective Optimisation on Problem with Dynamic Selection Targets
  • An effective mechanism for Energy Management in Smart Distribution Systems for Vehicle-to-Grid Integrated into Microgrids
  • A new mechanism for Power Efficiency
  • An effective mechanism for proper mix of nuclear power and renewables to fulfill ecological requirements of acceptable CO2 emission
  • On the use of inquiry-based learning for Initialization requirement in developing of mobile learning by Molearn for biology students
  • An efficient mechanism for Signal separation and identification of partial discharge in XLPE insulation under DC voltage
  • An effective mechanism for Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography static imaging using Compressive Sensing with l1 sparse recovery
  • A new mechanism for Integrated battery-electric vehicle model and its optimal speed control by application
  • An effective mechanism for Extending segment routing by optical networks
  • An effective performance for E2E transport API demonstration into hierarchical scenarios
  • The process of Next-Generation Big Data Analytics based on State of the Art, Future Research Topics and Challenges