We believe this page not required for customers.If we provide standard and quality support to our customers this page is not required ,

by the way we move to our business module .So that we can manage many customers all over the world .We proudly share we maintain many repeated

customers , its fully based on our service.

Every work we start the agreement basics .Before start the work we share the expected results to customers.After the customer acceptance only we proceed ,

so at the end of the work what we agree initially the same we deliver the customer. maintain the best refund policy .If any customer arise the quality issue, immediately our Higher technical team solve the issue .We provide

the better solution according to the issue. WE clarify and resolve all doubts.

In any worst case what we promise & what we agree the same we can,t achieve ,means we simply refund the fee,Customer need to claim the refund within

a month of time. This all discussions you can use

Before arise the refund policy customer need to submit all necessary proof against the agreement & Results .They need to prove the work failure.

If mistake is justify within 30 days your fee credit in your account .