Simple Projects in Java

    Simple Projects in Java covers a wide range of programming concepts in Java. We have a list of Java programming examples for several application areas. These examples were designed to solve broad range of problems encountered in Java programming. Our unique approach lead students to next level (advanced Java developers). Over the past two years, we delivered 5000+simple projects in Java and also we provide IEEE projects, application projects, real-time projects, online projects and embedded projects for students. Our experts contribute 100+ research topics for each domain (data mining, image processing, cloud computing, internet of things, big data, networking and so on).  Our services are endless and never ban. Bring with your project requirements, we ready to start and complete for you.

Simple Projects in Java

   Simple projects in Java is a beautiful place. You can carry it with you wherever you go. With the help of this tremendous place you’ll complete and defend your graduation successfully. Our world class engineers stay with you right from the topic selection to the project documentation. We are newly added 1000+ Java concepts by resolving the hidden challenges in Java language. Today, we will briefly cover the topics on algorithms, programming issues and their solutions. These are crafted by our top experts who have the 15+ years of experience in Java coding. Now, we work on dynamic programming, machine learning, numerical theory, graph theory, recursions, optimizations, etc.

Let’s Get Started with Java Programming,

General Programming Issues

  • Authentication
  • Cryptography
  • Error messages
  • Syntax errors
  • Access control
  • Java EE security
  • Secure communications
  • Excessive garbage allocations
  • Runtime exceptions
  • Lexical issues
  • GUI programming issues
  • Security attacks

              -Wrapping attack

              -Flooding attack

              -Malware injection attack

              -Browser attack

              -Accountability checking

Our key findings for each challenge


  • Application servers (e.g. JBoss)
  • Frameworks (e.g. Spring MVC)
  • XML based security configuration
  • Convert XML to Java based configurations


  • RSA key pair generation
  • Offload as much security
  • AES for multiple data encryption
  • Hybrid algorithms (e.g. RC6 + Fuzzy Logic)

Java EE Security (Authorization and authentication)

  • Application servers (e.g. Glassfish and Wildfly)
  • Use RMI and signed Applets

Access control

  • Access control with “Token”

Secure communications

  • SHA/MD5 for password hashing
  • Key stretching algorithms (bcrypt, scrypt, PBKDF2)
  • Apply Java encapsulation methods

Security attacks

  • Creating structure for file allocation
  • Using SOAP with STAMP bit
  • Set of fleet of servers
  • Amazon Web Services (Amazon EC2 and S3)

Other issues

  • Use traditional approaches (e.g. RMC/RMI)
  • XML based RMC/RMI
  • Web based RMC/RMI
  • Java web services (e.g. JAX-WS)

Simple Java Programming Algorithms

  • Java programming on Numerical Algorithms (e.g. Scalars, Vectors )
  • Java programming on Combinatorial Algorithms (e.g. K-Permutations)
  • Java programming on Tree based Algorithms (e.g. Decision Tree)
  • Java programming on Graph based Algorithms (e.g. K-Vertex Connected Graph)
  • Java programming on Hard Graph based Algorithms (e.g. Clique, Vertex cover)
  • Java programming on Set & String Algorithms (e.g. String Matching)
  • Java programming on Computational Geometry Algorithms (e.g. Voronoi Diagram)
  • Java programming on Data Structure Algorithms (e.g. Stack, Queue, List)

    Here we are highlighted recent research topics in domain wise. Pick your most interested topic according to your area of interest. For more guidance, please contact our organization.

Audio, Speech, and Language Processing

  • An effective performance of Room impulse response interpolation on use of a sparse spatio-temporal representation in sound field
  • An efficient mechanism for Noise Reduction Post-Filter in Binaurally-linked Single-Microphone Hearing Aids utilizing with Nearby External Microphone
  • A novel mechanism for Unsupervised Iterative Deep Learning based Speech Features and Acoustic Tokens by Applications to Spoken Term Detection
  • On the use of Partitioned-Block Frequency-Domain Kalman Filter Approach in Adaptive Feedback Cancellation by PEM-Based Signal Prewhitening

Bio-Medical Engineering

  • An effective mechanism for microstrip sensor in non-invasive blood glucose monitoring
  • On the use of Image Reconstruction for Matched Wavelet Estimated From Data Sensed Compressively Using Partial Canonical Identity Matrix
  • A new mechanism for SVRS algorithm about gyro constant drift compensation by Kalman filter
  • An effective mechanism for Electret-based Angular Electrostatic Energy Harvester of Battery-less Cardiac and Neural Implants


  • An effective performance for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing based Random Access Reporting Channels by Cognitive Radio Networks
  • An effective mechanism for Key Space Enhanced Chaotic Encryption Scheme based on Physical Layer Security by OFDM-PON
  • An effective performance for Traffic-Aware Patching by Cyber Security in Mobile IoT
  • An effective mechanism for Energy Driven Avatar Migration in Green Cloudlet Networks

Image Processing

  • An effective mechanism for Analysis of cell behavior based on micropatterned surfaces into image processing algorithms
  • An effective performance of Automated segmentation for powdery mildew disease from cherry leaves
  • An effective mechanism for Multi-level deep neural network based efficient segmentation on blood vessels of fundus images
  • An effective usage for Virtual Humans of  Implantable Device Safety Assessment in MRI based Mitigating Magnetic Resonance Imaging Hazards by Implanted Medical Devices