Latest Projects in Java

    Latest Projects in Java is our unique service that created with the research-focused mind for students and research scholars. Our 150+ world class professionals completely deserved and who can explore the student’s knowledge by the wealth of experience.  We just at World of Java. because, the growth of Java technology is highly interesting and moving towards the world. Our top experts provide first class project training that would help students and scholars to explore more on their academics. Java programming language is used in various places however students get interesting to learn about Java programming. If you are looking for Latest Projects in Java, please make a call or drop one mail. We would proud to hear from you.

Latest Projects in Java

   Latest Projects in Java is a growing research field for our organization hence we provide projects on latest technology. We have smart experts who have the skillsets in problem solving and fact-finding. Once you commit with your projects, our entire research team has taken responsible for providing high-quality projects. Recently, we have accomplished 1000+ latest projects in Java and also we delivered over 120+ countries in the world.

Here’s look at the Latest Trends in Java Programming,

Big Data Trends

  • Internet of Things data
  • Cloud based Data Analytics
  • Digital Channel Optimization
  • Self-Service Data Preparation
  • Convergence of Cloud, IoT, Cyber Security, Big Data

Business Intelligence Trends

  • Data Quality Management/Master Data
  • Self Service Business Intelligence
  • Data Discovery or Virtualization
  • Data Warehouse Modernization
  • Spatial or Location Intelligence
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Mobile Business Intelligence
  • Integrated Platforms PM or BI

Data Mining Trends

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Social Impacts on Data Mining
  • Life Science Data Mining
  • Predictive Data Mining
  • Personal Data Mining
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Distributed Data Mining
  • Ubiquitous Data Mining
  • Sequence and Time Series Data Mining
  • Geographic and Spatial Data Mining
  • Multimedia Data Mining

Software Development Platform Trends

  • Java 9
  • Kotlin
  • JavaFX
  • JavaEE
  • JavaME
  • JavaSE

Software Frameworks Trends

  • Angular 4
  • Js
  • js
  • Spring
  • PLAY

Software Architecture Trends

  • Micro services
  • Resilient software design
  • Reactive programming
  • Docker platform

Recent List of Latest Projects in Java:

  • An efficient technique for Plagiarism detection on bigdata used by modified map-reduced based SCAM algorithm
  • The new process of Online sequential extreme learning algorithm with kernels for bigdata classification
  • An innovative mechanism for Privacy preserving and performance analysis based on not only SQL database aggregation in bigdata era
  • A fresh technology of Big Data Processing based Scalability with Extreme Single-Node Performance
  • On the use of NetSage based on Big Data and Analysis of Data Transfers for International Research Networks
  • An efficient usage of Development for multiple big data analysis platforms based on by business intelligence
  • A new mechanism for Visual stories in business intelligence to support decision making
  • An innovative performance for content-based on data masking technique of a built-in framework in Business Intelligence platform
  • The new process of Advanced Inventory Data Mining System for Business Intelligence
  • An effectual mechanism for Creating Intelligent Business Systems by Utilising Big Data and Semantics
  • An effective process for Datamining turbofan engine performance to improve fuel efficiency
  • The new source of Cypher query based on  NoSQL data mining for protein datasets used by Neo4j graph database
  • A novel process for Implementation of data mining techniques in upcoding fraud detection in the monetary domains
  • An efficient Comparisonmechanism for flavivirus used by datamining-Apriori, K-means, and decision tree algorithm
  • An innovative mechanism for Analysis of relation between aging and telomere use by datamining Apriori, decision tree, and Support Vector Machine(SVM)