Advanced Java Projects List

Advanced Java Projects List

      Advanced Java Projects List provides a list of advanced Java projects for engineering students and research scholars. Due to the emerging and popularity of Java programming, we can find advanced Java Projects List in a wide range of areas. Our organization is a leading service sector working with 150+ world class experts in the major research areas. Advanced Java Projects List offers integrated services including project training programs, organize workshop and conference and master and bachelor projects development. Our project experts provide project training to engineering students and doctorate professionals and who have the opportunity to work with live projects. Once you commit with your project, you can get the in-depth knowledge of the subject before completing the projects.

Advanced Java Projects List

       Advanced Java Projects List is established for students, works on different research fields like cloud computing, internet of things, web services, web mining, data mining and many more. In this page, we are listing below some of the advanced third party tools and libraries which students can use in their final year projects. The main of the Advanced Java Project List is to provide list of project topics and also develop project as per student requirements.

Advanced Third Party Tools:

  • Aurous (Streaming tool which streams from YouTube to build vast playlist conversions)
  • JStrava (Java Wrapper for Strava API)
  • JRAW (Java Reddit API Wrapper)
  • XChart (Data Plotting Java Library)
  • JAdvanture (Java Text Adventure Game)
  • War Worlds (Strategy based Game)
  • Libgdx (Open Source Framework for Games Creation)
  • Bitcoinj (Java Implementation of the Bitcoin Protocol)
  • Particle Pong (Open Source Pong Clone)
  • OpenWorm (Neuromechanical Model and Simulation Backend)
  • Guice (Lightweight dependency injection framework)
  • OkHttp (Modern Application Network)
  • MBassador (High Performance and Lightweight Event Bus)

Java Core Libraries include:

  • Networking
  • Security
  • Compiler/Scripting
  • Reflection
  • Concurrency
  • Generics
  • IO/NIO
  • Functional programming
  • Collection Libraries
  • XML Processing
  • Security
  • Localization and Internationalization libraries

The Integration Libraries include:

  • JMX (Monitoring and Managing Applications)
  • CORBA and RMI (Distributed Application Development)
  • The JDBC API (Java Database Connectivity) for Database Access
  • Java Naming and Directory Interface (Lookup and Discovery)

User Interface Libraries include:

  • JavaFX
  • Java APIs for Audio Processing, Capture and Playback
  • Java Swing Libraries (AWT Widegetry)
  • Abstract Window Toolkit

Others include:

  • JDeferred (Deferred or Promise Library)
  • RxJava (Reactive JVM Extensions Library)
  • JFoenix
  • Prject Lombok
  • Spock
  • WireMock
  • JUnitParams

Advanced Java Projects List

  • A novel technology of SOMETIME based on Software defined network-basec Available Bandwidth measurement in MONROE
  • An efficient mechanism for information-centric software-defined cellular networks
  • A novel study of Hybrid obesity monitoring model used by sensors and community engagement
  • An effective usage of Multi-tenancy Aware Configurable Service based Discovery Approach on Cloud Computing
  • An effective performance for Multilingual Automated Classification Systems
  • A new technique based on Enhancing QoE-aware Wireless Edge Caching within Software-defined by Wireless Networks
  • An efficient mechanism for hybrid security algorithm based on by RSA cryptosystem
  • An effective mechanism for End-to-end service orchestration across SDN and by cloud computing domains
  • A new approach of Combinational Auction-Based on Service Provider Selection for Mobile Edge Computing Networks
  • A novel study of ANASTACIA based on Advanced networked agents for security and trust assessment by CPS IoT architectures
  • An effective usage of User-centric access control for efficient security on smart cities