Mini Project in Java

     Mini Project in Java is our most delightful service created for engineering students and doctorate research scholars. We provide enormous support for students (B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/M.Phil/MSC/PhD/MS) through our wide services ranging from: topic selection to external viva questions preparation. Students can find latest project titles for your third year or final year engineering projects. We have decades of experts to develop innovative mini project in latest trends. These are collected in top international journals (IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, ACM, ScienceDirect, etc.) that can be implemented based on Java, J2EE, MySQL, Embedded Java, and Oracle Database Technology. Get your best mini project in Java with us.

Mini Project in Java

     Mini Project in Java is initiated and updated for our students to get their best project. Our project company has located in 120+ countries from all over the world. Java is one of the most famous programming languages that are highly demanded in the world of programming. In this article we will explore best Java mini project titles. There are the most outstanding. Pick any of the topic and enjoy coding!

Embedded System Project Categories

  • Advanced/Mobile Robotics
  • Internet of Things
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Automotive
  • Biomedical
  • Biometric
  • Security
  • Arduino
  • Wireless (Zigbee/Bluetooth)
  • CAN Protocol

Top 10 Mini Projects Ideas in Embedded Systems

  • Smart Parking in Busy City Environment
  • Noise Pollution Monitoring in Rural and Urban Areas
  • Traffic Congestion and Warning Systems using Raspberry Pi
  • Automated Household Utility Power Monitoring System
  • Smart Drip Irrigation System using Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Smart Lighting Intelligent and Weather Adaptive Lighting
  • Cities Smart Waste Management
  • Smart Home Automation
  • Smart Roads Intelligent Highways System
  • Avoid Rear End Collision of Vehicles

Ambient Intelligence & Ubiquitous Computing Project Categories

  • Sensors
  • Video Recognition
  • Mobile Computing
  • Near Field Communication
  • Knowledge Management
  • Intelligent User Interfaces
  • Context Awareness

Top 10 Mini Projects Ideas in AI & Ubiquitous Computing

  • Activity Recognition
  • Health Monitoring
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Crowdsourcing or Linked Data Analysis
  • Context Aware Environment Adaptation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Interfaces Evaluation in Ubiquitous and Ambience Environments
  • Adaptation and Personalization of User Interfaces
  • Robot Human Interaction and Human Ambient Interaction
  • Emotions Recognition and Enactment

/* Sample Code for Java with RXTX Library */

// Source code for Two Way Serial Communication…..

public class SerialComm {

void connect( String portName ) throws Exception {

CommPortIdentifier portIdentifier = CommPortIdentifier .getPortIdentifier( portName );

if( portIdentifier.isCurrentlyOwned() ) {

System.out.println( “Error Message: Port is currently in use” );


else {

int timeout = 1000;

CommPort commPort = this.getClass().getName(), timeout );

if( commPort instanceof SerialPort ) {

SerialPort serialPort = ( SerialPort )commPort;

serialPort.setSerialPortParams( 57600,



SerialPort.PARITY_NONE );

InputStream in = serialPort.getInputStream();

OutputStream out = serialPort.getOutputStream();

( new Thread( new SerialReader( in ) ) ).start();

( new Thread( new SerialWriter( out ) ) ).start();

} else {

System.out.println( “ErrorMessage: Only serial ports are handled by this example.” );




      In this example, we connected a Raspberry Pi to a Linux PC through two ways of serial links (Plain FTDI and Transparent Wireless Serial Connection). Next, we installed RXTX on Ubuntu. It allows to access serial interfaces in Java applications. We can also use Arduino for serial communication.

Full Project Title on Mini Project in Java

  • An effective practice of Wireless node energy monitors via common development platforms by a Raspberry Pi to monitor energy consumption through a WSN
  • A creative emotion recognition method based on physiological signals by Raspberry Pi III execution scheme
  • A competent process of implement a next generation system to provide protection to vehicles as of thefts with accidents
  • A successful process of Android based on WI-FI controlled robot by Raspberry Pi scheme
  • A pioneering function of WiFi enabled home security surveillance system via Raspberry Pi and IoT module
  • The creative progress of an augmented feedback system designed for training of gait improvement by vibrotactile cues
  • A proficient method intended for Context Intelligence in persistent Environments
  • An effectual function of Real-time middleware by periodic service meant for industrial robot scheme
  • A new progression of Object Classification Based on 3D Point Clouds in Covariance Descriptor system
  • An ingenious practice of More Secure with Practical Remote User Authentication Scheme designed for Multi-Server Environment
  • The pioneering function of Movie Recommendation scheme employing the User-Based CF in Cloud Computing system
  • An enhanced process of action Recognition Method derived from by Smart Watch Data
  • An innovative method for Adaptive Multi-Path Video Streaming Scalable Video Coding Algorithm practice
  • Aon the use of LabVIEW with Arduino based on Implemented by a Non-contact Water Level Monitoring System
  • An inventive process of Smart waste management intended for green environment using Arduino

       In this page we compiled a list of project topics in the areas of embedded systems and ambient intelligence & ubiquitous computing based on Java, MySQL and Oracle Database Technology. It includes both major and mini project topics. If you have any doubts in Java or related to your mini projects, you are welcome to approach us. We ready to discuss and solve your queries immediately.