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Java Major Projects

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What do we support for Java Major Projects?

  • Platform SDK
  • NodeJS
  • Chrome
  • Java JRE 8 Update 144 (32 bit)
  • NetBeans 8.2
  • Java SE8
  • Ant
  • Maven




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  • iOS (xCode)
  • Android (Android Studio)
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  • Azure SDK for Java
  • Java SDK

Java Major Projects Topics:

         Now, the world generates huge amount of data and also the technological trend seems to grow and continue in the upcoming years. Internet of Things is going to be first in data generation. Hence, it requires scalable solutions for organizing huge volumes of data. Cloud services have the keys and know how to store and process Big Data. Deploying Hadoop clusters in the Cloud is the big advantage when we manage huge size of data on cloud.  When we coupling these Big Data Technologies (Spark, Cloud, Hadoop), we can tackle various big data problems.  Let’s look at some interesting information about these technologies,

Big Data + Internet of Things + Cloud computing + Hadoop (Spark, Flink)

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Statistical Modeling and Model Testing
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • Applications Integration
  • Versatile and Powerful API
  • Raw Web Data to Actionable Information
  • Decision Analytics Suite
  • Software Defined Hadoop Clusters
  • AWS Security in Hadoop Clusters

 /*Sample Java Code for Smart City Application Project*/


  • Project Tools: JDK-11.8, Netbeans-8.0, Spark-2.2.0-bin-hadoop2.7
  • Operating System: Ubuntu-14.04 LTS
  • Development Language: Java


package smartcity_data_analytics;






import java.util.StringTokenizer;

import structures.Point;

import structures.Points;

public class PointsReader


public static Points getPoints(String in) throws IOException


final Points points = new Points();

final BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(in));

String line;

while ((line = reader.readLine()) != null)


final StringTokenizer tokenizer = new StringTokenizer(line);

final int numberOfParams = tokenizer.countTokens() – 1;

final double params[] = new double[numberOfParams];

for (int i = 0; i < numberOfParams; i++)


params[i] = Double.parseDouble(tokenizer.nextToken());


final int classId = Integer.parseInt(tokenizer.nextToken());

final Point point = new Point(params, classId);



return points;



Recent Topics on Big Data Analytics+ IoT+ Hadoop+ Smart City Application

  • An effectual performance for Data Fusion and IoT based on big data analytics in Smart Ubiquitous Environments
  • A new source for Applicability of BigData Techniques to SmartCities Deployments
  • The new process of an Ingestion and Analytics Architecture for IoT applied to SmartCity use cases
  • An efficient method for Secure Mechanism based BigData Collection in Large Scale Internet of Vehicle
  • A novel technology based on Big Sensor Data Systems for SmartCities
  • The new-fangled development for BigIoTData Analytics based on Architecture, Opportunities, and Open Research Challenges
  • An efficient mechanism for Beyond Data in the SmartCity by Repurposing Existing Campus IoT
  • A novel study of Big Data Analytics Embedded Smart City Architecture for Performance Enhancement through Real-Time Data Processing and Decision-Making
  • An innovative method for Internet of Things and BigData Analytics based Smart and Connected Communities
  • An original process of Integrated IoT Architecture for Smart Metering based on big data analytics
  • An effectual mechanism for Internet of Things on SmartCities based Interoperability and Open Data
  • The unbeaten performance  for Big Data Analytics Processes and Platforms Facilitating in Smart Cities
  • On the use of Big Data Analytics method based on Urban Planning and Building Smart Cities for Internet of Things
  • The new source for cloud based on big data analytics mechanism used by in smart future cities
  • A novel technology based on Bigdata for IoT services in smartcities
  • A framework based on Big Data Analytics technique for IoT and Smart City Applications
  • On the use of Internet of Things and bigdata based on Real-time smart traffic management system for smartcities
  • An modern predictive approach to task scheduling scheme for BigData in cloud environments used by classification algorithms
  • A new method for Smart Monitoring Cameras Driven Intelligent Processing to Big Surveillance Video Data
  • An efficient method for Data Reduction as a Service in SmartCity Architecture