Mini Project in Advanced Java

     Mini Project in Advanced Java is our advanced service, which is created for students in pursuing B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/PhD/MS. Advanced Java refers to “Java Applications” in which, we developing the enterprise based applications and web applications. We have extensive collection of Mini Project in Advanced Java programs. Over a last few months, we have provided 1000+ Projects for students. Today, majority of students (master and doctorate) are showing their interest to do project in Advanced Java Programming. To complete your Mini Project in Advanced Java, you need to the advanced Java programming concepts. For this purpose, we provide project development training students by our entire research team. Our Mini Project in Advanced Java will help you to get started developing your final year projects.

Mini Project in Advanced Java

     Mini Project in Advanced Java provides opportunity to make a change in your future career. Our organization has 150+ world class engineers who have 10+ years of teaching experience in Java Programming. Our unique approach makes the students as an Expert Programmer in Advanced Java Programming. “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one”.

Advanced Java Topics:

  • Java Reflection API
  • Polling and Peeking with Queues
  • Error Handling and Testing
  • Working with Java I/O Streams
  • Managing Java Files and Directories
  • Java Advanced Class Structures (e.g. Local inner and Member)
  • Working with Java Multithreading (e.g. Running and Creating Threads)
  • JDBC Connectivity (e.g. Scrollable Result Sets, Batch Processing)
  • Design Patterns (e.g. Decorator, Composite, Adapter)

Supported Advanced Java Features:

  • JNI Template, AWT, Swing, Security, etc.
  • Mail, RMI, Sockets, XML-RPC, etc.
  • Applet, Servlet, JDBC, J2EE, JMS, JSF, CORBA, etc.
  • Android Application Development
  • Database (SQLite, Oracle, MS-Access, MySQL)
  • MVC Java Package Control
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • GUI based Application Development
  • JUnit Testing
  • Standard Template Library
  • Green Foot Technology
  • JSP, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, Web Services
  • Java IDL, Java Beans and Jini Technology

Ideas for Mini Project in Advanced Java:

Java Server Page (JSP)

  • Dynamic web pages development
  • JSP page run by a Web Server

Java Servlet

  • Dynamic web content generation
  • Java Servlet run by a Web Server

Java Applet

  • Embed Java code into HTML document
  • Java Browser interprets Applets

Java Application Development

  • Stand Alone Program Development
  • Web Service based Application Development
  • Google App Engine (Google Calendar, and Google Docs)
  • Web Crawler using Apache Nutch
  • Fuzzy matching (Document based (Big data), Relational DB (Oracle))
  • Android Application Development (Map based Application)

         In this page, we consider “Java Multimedia Programming” because today, multimedia promotes various latest technologies and concepts, which serves better in both research and development.

Multimedia Related Research Areas:

  • Text, Vision, Image, Video, Audio, Graphics
  • Sensing Data and Mining
  • Learning, Compression, Processing
  • Communications between Social networks and Web page links
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Graphics and Visualization
  • Embedded Systems
  • Data Mining and Databases
  • Disaster Management
  • Adaptive Video Streaming and QoS/QoE Provisioning
  • Content Distribution in Information Centric Networks
  • Crowd sourcing in Search
  • Query Log Analysis
  • Social Topic Detection
  • Personal Semantics Search
  • Integrating Heterogeneous Web Data
  • Search over Social Networks

Supported Elements/Libraries for Java Multimedia Programming

  • Java 3D API
  • Java 2D and Java Sound Engine
  • Java Media Framework
  • Java Bean Components
  • Java Media APIs
  • Java Telephony, Java Speech and many more.
  • Video4Linux4Java
  • JLayer MP3 library
  • Cortado Java Applet
  • gStreamer Java
  • Vlcj
  • Jfffmpeg and IBM Toolkit for MPEG-4

/* Sample Java Code for JMF Video Editing using GUI Player */

public class VideoEditProcessing extends JFrame implements Runnable{

private MarvinVideoInterface videoAdapter = new MarvinJavaCVAdapter();

private MarvinImagePanel videoPanel = new MarvinImagePanel();

private MarvinImage videoFrame, videoOut = new MarvinImage(640,480);

public VideoEditProcessing(URL mediaURL) throws MarvinVideoInterfaceException{

super(“Video Edit Processing”);


Manager.setHint(Manager.LIGHTWEIGHT_RENDERER, true);

Player mediaPlayer = Manager.createRealizedPlayer(mediaURL);

Component video = mediaPlayer.getVisualComponent();

Component controls = mediaPlayer.getControlPanelComponent();

// Load video file and start the processing thread


new Thread(this).start();




public void run() {

try {


// Request, process and show the video frame.


videoFrame = videoAdapter.getFrame();

prewitt(videoFrame.clone(), videoOut);




} catch (MarvinVideoInterfaceException e) {




public static void main(String[] args) throws MarvinVideoInterfaceException {

new VideoEditProcessing(new URL(“./res/snooker.wmv”)).setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE);



       In this code, JMF (Java Media Framework) library has supported in Java SE Development Technologies. Through this library, we can edit video, audio and time-based media applications and applets. In the above code, we have edited video using Java JMF.

JMF based Applications Development:

  • JMFinit
  • JMFCustomizer (Java Smaller Application Development)
  • JMStudio (Simple Player GUI Application Development)
  • JMRegistry (GUI for JMF Management)

Sample Topics on Mini Project in Advanced Java:

  • An effective mechanism for multimedia informed consent tool in useful for ERCP
  • An efficient usage of Enhancing capacity of multimedia O-CDMA networks based power control
  • An efficient mechanism for Arabic Multimedia Text-to-Picture m-Learning System
  • An effective performance for Oblivious watermarking scheme based on application for multimedia communication
  • An effective mechanism for new multimedia archiving technique used by multiple quick-response codes
  • An effective performance for smart devices to usage based on augment user interaction within multimedia applications
  • An effective mechanism for Challenges into 4K UHD multimedia device testing
  • An efficient mechanism for Olfactory-enhanced by multimedia video clips based on datasets
  • An effective mechanism for Audience Behaviour Mining based on Integrating TV Ratings into Multimedia Contents
  • An efficient performance for Mobile Multi-Source High Quality Multimedia Delivery Scheme
  • A new mechanism for Scalable Discrete Supervised Multimedia Hash Learning by Clustering