Web Based Application Projects in Java

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Web based Application Projects in Java

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Some of the most prominent application areas

Sensor Networks

  • Energy Aware Routing Protocols
  • Data Fusion and Analysis
  • Building Sensor Applications
  • Energy Aware Data Propagation Schemes
  • Hardware Research (Smart Dust and Deployable Devices)
  • Secure Routing Algorithms and Protocols
  • Secure Data Management Algorithms
  • Social and Network Privacy
  • Reliable Transport Protocols
  • Sensor Network Measurements
  • Congestion Control and Avoidance Techniques
  • Real-time Applications Development support
  • Innovative Applications Development (Security, Healthcare, Transportation)

Cloud computing

  • Virtualization based Automation and Provisioning
  • Cloud Storage and Resource Scaling
  • Energy Issues
  • Privacy and Security
  • Application Programming Models
  • Network Measurements
  • Multimedia
  • Web Search
  • Data Mining
  • Virtual Machines, Databases and Operating Systems

Big Data

  • NoSQL/Hadoop Technology
  • Data Search and Analytics
  • Real-Time Data Analysis and Data Streaming
  • Sequence Analysis and Activity Modeling
  • Big Data Management Technologies
  • Data Science / Data Analytics
  • Linked Open Data / Graph Databases
  • Open Data (Linked Data) Integration
  • Text Extraction and Knowledge Discovery
  • ETL Management and Similarity Search
  • Data Analytics and Data Profiling
  • Data Cleansing and Data Quality

Internet of Things

  • Naming and Addressing
  • Resource Management
  • Things to Cloud
  • Semantic Technologies
  • Miniaturization
  • Privacy/Security
  • Virtualization
  • Service Orchestration

Major Supported Algorithms

 Routing Algorithms

  • Shortest Path Routing
  • Link State Routing
  • Distance Vector Routing
  • Flooding
  • Flow based Routing
  • Hierarchical Routing
  • Multicast Routing
  • Broadcast Routing

Cryptography Algorithms

  • Public Key Cryptography Algorithms
  • Symmetric Key Cryptography Algorithms
  • Identity Based Cryptography Algorithms
  • Key Management Schemes
  • Path Key Management

Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Radial Basis Function Networks
  • Hopfield Networks
  • Ridge Regression
  • Elastic Net
  • Least Angle Regression
  • Gradient Boosted Regression Trees
  • Q Learning
  • KNN, Decision Trees, Random Forest
  • Logistic Regression
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Hierarchical Clustering
  • Markov Decision Process

Research Topics for Web based Application Projects in Java:

  • An efficient mechanism for Multi-tenancy Aware Configurable Service by Discovery Approach based on Cloud Computing
  • An effective mechanism for Policy of Homomorphic Encryption and Retrieval Scheme by Cloud Computing
  • An effective mechanism for Movie Recommendation System Employing the User-Based CF by Cloud Computing
  • A new source of Augmented Coaching Ecosystem for Non-obtrusive Adaptive Personalized Elderly Care in basis of Cloud-Fog-Dew by computing paradigm
  • An efficient mechanism for Crowd-Sensing based on Allocation of Time-Constrained and Location-based Tasks
  • The process of Big data transfers through dynamic and load balanced flow in cloud networks
  • A novel technology of Jump-start crowdsensing based on three-layer incentive framework for mobile crowdsensing
  • An effective mechanism for Smart City Mobility Simulation and Monitoring Platform
  • A efficient performance for Espresso based on Data Naming Service in Self-Summarizing Transport
  • An effective performance for Anomaly Detection of Civil Aviation Pilots used by Step-Sensors
  • An efficient mechanism for stationary time-vertex based on signal processing
  • A novel technology of LDPC-based on Raptor codes for single carrier Internet of Things (SC-IoT)
  • A novel technique of Low Density Generator Matrix (LDGM)-based on Raptor codes based on single carrier Internet of Things (SC-IoT)
  • An efficient mechanism for 3GPP NB-IoT system architecture based on Internet of Things
  • A novel technology of Energy-Efficient Architecture for Internet of Things
  • A novel study of Packaging design considerations for mobile and Internet of things