Application Projects in Java

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Application Projects in Java

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Types of Java Applications

  • Desktop GUI Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Embedded Systems
  • Web Applications
  • Web Servers and Application Servers
  • Scientific Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Games Applications
  • Complex Applications
  • Stand-alone Applications
  • Distributed Applications
  • Client Server Applications

Let’s look at some types of applications,

Desktop GUI Applications

Supported Technologies in GUI

  • Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT)
  • JavaFX, Swing, Java Applets
  • Java Oracle

Supported Platforms

  • Windows, OS X, Linux, AIX, Solaris, UNIX

Supported GUI Testing Tools

  • QF-Test, Maveryx, Sahi, Unified Functional Testing

Sample Applications

  • Real-Time Chat Application
  • Image Handling in GUI Window
  • Digital Clock Design
  • Online Feedback System Design

Mobile Applications

   Supported Java Platforms

  • Java ME/J2ME
  • Android SDK
  • WP8, iOS, Windows

Sample Applications

  • Hello World Application
  • Face Recognition Application (Real-Time)
  • E-Circular Application
  • Wi-Fi based Attendance System
  • Mobile Social Networking
  • Media Player and Distribution
  • Location based Services
  • Peer to Peer Connectivity
  • Security (Sandbox and App Signing)

Embedded System Applications

 Supported Embedded Devices

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • SIM Cards
  • VOIP Phones
  • Televisions
  • Healthcare Gateways
  • Industrial Controls
  • Blu-Ray Disc Players
  • Microcontrollers
  • Freescale iMX53 board
  • PandaBoard

Supported Platforms

  • All RTOS
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS

Supported Java Platforms

  • Java SE
  • Java ME
  • JavaFX

Supported Research Areas

  • Image/Video Processing
  • Complex Control Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Sensor Networks
  • Internet of Things

Sample Applications

  • M2M devices
  • Industrial control
  • eHealth or TeleHealth
  • Smart Meters or Smart Sensors
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
  • Crowdfunding (Car Sharing, Flights, etc.)
  • Traffic Lights Monitoring for Decision Making

     This page provides applications of the Java programming language as well as top applications. Hope you would get some idea about application projects in Java programming. View below the topics for your application projects in Java.

  • On the use of Semantic Similarity in Crawling-Based on Web Application Testing
  • A new technique based Network-Aware VM Migration Heuristics for Improving the SLA Violation of Multi-Tier Web Applications in Cloud
  • An efficient performance for Proposed security model based in  web applications and services
  • A framework for Analysis of JavaScript Web Applications use of SAFE 2.0
  • A Design and implementation of web application of intelligent dynamic crawler for web data mining
  • An efficient mechanism for fully model-based approach to the design of SEcube community web application
  • An design and implement technique of End-user software engineering for personal web application
  • On using a Layered Multi-dimensional Hidden Markov Model based on Cloud Resource Scaling for Big Data Streaming Applications
  • A new Design of Smart LED Streetlight System for Smart City With Web-Based application Management System
  • An effective mechanism for Fusion analysis of monitoring information points tables based on semantic Web and Hadoop technology
  • The new-fangled process of Research on Hotspot Topic Discovery Algorithm Based on Web application Mining Technology
  • An effectual Asynchronous P300-Based on Brain-Computer Interface Web Browser for Severely Disabled People
  • The design and process of Reducing Redundant Transfers for Mobile Web Browsing via App-Specific Resource Packaging
  • An efficient mechanism for new sensing technique for detecting web application layer DDoS attacks targeting back-end database resources
  • A novel technique based on Big, Linked Geospatial Data and Its web Applications in Earth Observation