Java Project Topics

    Java Project Topics is a solid technical base for students and research scholars. Our research team assists you to choose your final year project topics from your own. We have nearly 10+ years of experience in Java Programming. Over the last few years, we have developed 5000+ Java Projects in a wide range of research fields: data mining, cloud computing, web mining, big data, internet of things, information systems and others. We continuously research on latest technologies, frameworks, concepts, methods and components. All our success is only grabbed by our 150+ skilled and experienced experts, project developers and academic writers. We won’t break our relationship after your project completion because our Java Project Topics cares you with a long-time by giving messages about current technologies in the world.

Java Project Topics

   Java Project Topics is created for you and offers adaptive and flexible development methods for your final year projects. With more than a 1000 Java Project Topics are discussed for your every project. Our domain expert’s know-how to deliver the quality projects that are customized for students and research scholars specific requirements. Specially, our top experts are expertise on great number of application servers, databases, technologies, frameworks, components, programming interfacing, etc. To be fair in the current research world, you must keep track of the latest trends and know the recent technologies.

Let’s see our type of Java Projects,

Java Application Projects

  • Web applications
  • Custom application development
  • Enterprise application development

Java Networking Projects

  • Wired/Wireless Networks
  • Network Security
  • Computer Networks
  • Intrusion Detection Systems

Java Mobile Application Projects

  • Android Projects
  • iPhone Projects
  • Windows Phone Projects

Java IEEE Projects

  • Data Mining Projects
  • Cloud Computing Projects
  • Artificial Intelligence Projects
  • Security Projects
  • Image Processing Projects
  • Neural Network Projects

Java Real-Time Projects

  • Online Face Verification
  • Real-Time Video Surveillance
  • Web Service Discovery
  • Video Game Playing

Java Open Source Projects

  • AWS with Serverless Computing
  • Docker with Jenkins
  • Docker Swarm
  • Apache Phoenix
  • Apache Spark
  • Spring Integration
  • x
  • Spring Data
  • Akka
  • Storm
  • GitHub
  • JFXtras
  • Terracotta
  • OpenGL

What we give for Student’s Projects?

  • Project Implementation Plan
  • Base Paper with Set of References
  • Project Documentation
  • Project Source Code
  • Installation Software
  • Screenshots
  • Video File
  • Project Explanation in Audio File (If you need)

Our Supported Areas:

  • Java based Applications
  • Microservices Architecture
  • Migration of Middleware Services
  • Automatic and Threat Prevention Technology
  • Real-Time Database Monitoring
  • Windows Applications Extensions (e.g. HTML 5)
  • Network Intrusion (e.g. Rapid 7’s CSO)
  • Agile Software Development
  • Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Advanced Java Project Topics:

  • An effective mechanism of SACH tool for assisting Secure Android application development
  • An efficient mechanism for HyDroid in Hybrid Approach on Generating API Call Traces from Obfuscated Android Applications for Mobile Security
  • An effective mechanism for Finding Android Malware Trace from Highly Imbalanced Network Traffic
  • The new process of An Efficient, Robust, and Scalable Approach for Analyzing Interacting Android Apps
  • An efficient mechanism for Death prediction and analysis used by web mining techniques
  • A new mechanism for Web Mining and Computer Vision of New Partners based on Object-Base in Activity Recognition
  • A novel technology for Research based on Hotspot Topic Discovery Algorithm by Web Mining Technology
  • An effective mechanism for Scalable and Precise Third-Party Library Detection based on Android Markets
  • The new process of Hidden android permissions on Remote code execution and shell access using a live wallpaper
  • A novel study for Research on Technology, Algorithm and Application of Web Mining
  • A new source of android application for applying surveys to and collecting reports from public service users
  • An effective mechanism for evaluation and detection of potentially vulnerable code in Android applications