Java Based Application Projects

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Java based Application Projects

      Java based Application Projects is intended for final year students. In this page, we have suggested a wide-variety of project list for students. Java is the most wanted language, which complete tasks by the Java API’s, Interfaces, Packages, and Classes. We provide complete support for Java APIs, Library, IDEs, SDK, Frameworks, etc. Commit with us today! You get the trendy projects using Java programming.

Our Experts Type

  • Domain specialist
  • Mobile app developer
  • Web developer
  • Desktop application developer
  • Technical writers
  • Expert with a mathematics/statistics background
  • Embedded devices or applications developers
  • Graphics programmers and designers
  • Quality assurance expert
  • Machine learning expert
  • Developer with sound knowledge of Algorithm Development and Pseudocode writing

Java based Applications Type

  • Web service server applications
  • Database applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Android App Development
  • General Java Applications Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Embedded Systems based App Development

To develop any type of applications, we must use the following context

  • IDE: Eclipse/Android Studio/JetBrains IntelliJ
  • API: any Java APIs (e.g. Android API)
  • SDK: any Android SDK (e.g. Android Studio)
  • Library: use as per the requirement (e.g. library)

Java APIs/Libraries/Interfaces/Technology for Application Development

  • Java Telephony Application Programming Interface (JTAPI)
  • AWT/SWT/Swing
  • JExcel, JXL, Aspose, Apache POI (Office Complaint Libraries)
  • LWJGL, JPCT Engine, jMonkey Engine, Slick (Game Engines)
  • STM32 Java Technology
  • MicroEJ Embedded Platforms
  • Connected Limited Device Configuration
  • XQuery API for Java
  • Java API for XML based RPC
  • Java Server Faces (JSF)
  • JavaMail
  • Java Message Service (JMS)
  • JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF)
  • Java USB for Windows
  • Java OpenGL
  • Java Advanced Imaging (JAI)
  • Java OpenMaple Application Program Interface (API)
  • BART Library (SAP CC 5.0 Java/XML API Reference)
  • GUI Swing Packages
  • Applet Packages
  • Input/output (IO) packages
  • Java Native Interface (JNI)

Java based Application Projects Titles

  • An effective mechanism for P-Lint based on Permission Smell Detector Application
  • New novel technology of Sensitive Data Leakage Detection in Pre-Installed Application of Custom Android Firmware
  • A novel technique based on Widget-Sensitive and Back-Stack-Aware GUI Exploration for Testing Native App
  • An effective process of Native Apps and Web Apps on Android based on Tale of Two Fashions
  • The new-fangled development of CRSPR based on PageRank for Android Apps
  • An innovative approach based on Adaptive Virtual Gestures for GUI Testing by Smartphones
  • An effectual process of RealDroid mechanism for Large-Scale Evasive Malware Detection in Real Devices
  • The Latest Mobile Computing techniques for Extensible Pervasive Platform in Large-Scale Anticipatory
  • Progressive Distillation with Security Semantics Modeling in Android Platform
  • Developing Mobile Applications using Energy Aware Refactoring Approach