Advanced Java Project Topics

Advanced Java Project Topics is providing several assistance that covers every type of problem a student is likely to come across. We focus on various research areas like Cloud computing, Data Mining, Network Security, Information Security, Big Data and Hadoop.  Our top-experts are having extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of Java programming. We were able to witness highly talented students across the world. Our organization has organized various technical training programs and we provided with all necessities to continue their academic studies. The Advanced Java Project Topics is the only institute which provide various ultra-modern facilities in the world’s 120+ countries. Our research team is so much proud to put efforts for students and sincerely works if they are in the last minute.

Advanced Java Project Topics

In Advanced Java Project Topics is one of common questions asked when you choose a topic for your final year projects. Over the last couple of years, we offer 100+ topics for students every project. This page take a look at Java Programming Features which supported by us.  We currently engaged in 1000+ Advanced Java Projects countrywide which is only with the aim of provide quality projects for students.

Our Supported Features for Java Programming:

  • Java Program Development IDEs (IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse)
  • Java Web Framework (Spring MVC, Angular JS)
  • Java Application Servers (Tomcat)
  • Java Testing Frameworks (JUnit, Selenium, Spock, Cucumber-JVM)
  • Java Version Control System (Git)
  • Java Continuous Integration (Jenkins)
  • Java Database (OracleDB)
  • Java Object Relational Mapping (Hibernate or Java Persistence API)
  • Java Static Code Analysis (FindBugs)
  • Java Syntax Checking (Checkstyle)
  • Java Artifact Management (Sonatype Nexus)
  • Java Dependency Injection (DI Spring Framework)
  • Java Profilers (VisualVM)
  • Java Load Testing (JMeter)
  • Java Automation and Dependency Management (Maven)
  • Java Logging Libraries (Log4j)

 Here, we have included source code in Android. Android is a fast blooming technology which provides number of career opportunities for the following professionals:

  • E/B.Tech
  • PhD/MS
  • E/M.Tech
  • Sc, M.Phil and MCA
  • All graduates who looking to develop Mobile App Development

The following code describes the “camera photo capture action”. Here, we capture photo using camera in online. Let’s view our advanced android learning objectives,

  • Android Multimedia
  • Android Facebook Integration
  • Android Material Design
  • Debugging, Publishing and Testing
  • Android Graphics
  • Android App Development
  • GCM in Android

/* Sample Java Code for Android Application Development */

public class CameraPhotoCapture extends Activity {final Button compare = (Button) findViewById(;
compare.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View v) {
dialog =, “”, “Uploading file…”, true);
new Thread(new Runnable() {
public void run() {
runOnUiThread(new Runnable() {
public void run() {
// tv.setText(“uploading started…..”);
int response= uploadFile(Path);
System.out.println(“RES : ” + response);
Intent st=new Intent(CameraPhotoCapture.this, Result.class);

Advanced Java Project Topics

  • A new machinery method of Android ITS Driving Safety Application Based on Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communications
  • An effectual method for Analyzing Android Application in Real-Time at Kernel Level
  • The new process of Detecting Permission Over-claim of Android Applications with Static and Semantic Analysis Approach
  • A new CrashScope method for a Practical Tool of Automated Testing by Android Applications
  • An effective framework for AutoPatchDroid patching inter-app vulnerabilities in android application
  • The innovative procedure of Fast algorithm for heart rate calculation based on an Android application
  • An efficient method for Predicting Android Application Security and Privacy Risk with Static Code Metrics
  • A new system of RepDroid an Automated Tool for Android Application Repackaging Detection
  • A novel equipment of SACH tool for assisting Secure Android application development
  • The new-fangled procedure of Investigating Tendencies in Callback Method Implementations by Android Applications
  • An effective performance for CoSINcheck to protect users from installing potentially harmful in Android applications
  • The novel mechanism for Practical Application-Level Dynamic Taint Analysis of Android Apps
  • An innovative technique for LeakDAF based on an Automated Tool of Detecting Leaked Activities and Fragments by Android Applications
  • A new source for AppCheck based on Crowdsourced Testing Service in Android Applications
  • An proficient performance for E-Spector mechanism in Online energy inspection by Android applications