List of Java Projects

     List of Java Projects is a leading project company of providing Java projects in worldwide. We assured excellent project with 100% results and provide Java training with certification. Our list of project topics in Java covers core Java, advanced Java, servlets, JSP, J2EE, EJB, Spring, Struts and Hibernate. We have 150+ top experts who have 15 years of experience and recognized expert in Java technologies (Android, Oracle, Java SE, and Java ME). We have trained over 25,000 students exclusively on Java.

Our research team contains

  • Oracle certified professionals
  • Java EE web component developers
  • Java web services developers
  • Java API developers
  • Java frameworks developers

List of Java Projects

     List of Java Projects are aimed to provide the comprehensive topics for students and it covers all latest Java technologies. Our list of Java projects is accurately prepared and followed a different approach ranging from basics level to in-depth and advanced Java concepts. In this page, we take you through Java building blocks that are easier for you to get started on Java programming.

  • Elements of programming
  • Built-in data types (Booleans, integers, real-numbers and strings)
  • Arrays
  • Conditionals and loop
  • Input and output devices
  • Random web surfer

     Java is a network-savy programming language that uses extensive network library and makes it simple to students to use network protocols like file transfer protocols, hypertext transfer protocols, transmission control protocols. To implement Java projects we need a platform like windows/linux/mac os and also you can use latest versions. You also require IDEs. Here we highlighted most recommended software for both beginners and professionals.

IDEs for Beginners

  • BlueJ
  • DrJava
  • Jcreator

IDEs for Professionals

  • Eclipse
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • NetBeans
  • JBuilder

     Below is a list of Java project topics. Pick any one of the topics which you like. We can also provide other assistance for students like synopsis writing, problem formulation (on latest reputed papers), literature survey writing, research paper writing, review paper writing (survey paper), journal publication, conference paper writing, thesis  writing, and dissertation writing. Now we work on nearly 70+ research areas and provide source code on any programming languages. Here we listed few project topics on latest research areas.

  • On the use of hybrid brain-machine interface and augmented reality feedback with Robotic arm control
  • An effective mechanism for Full-Duplex Pipelined MAC Protocol based on Multihop Wireless Networks
  • An efficient mechanism for Distributed Intrusion Detection System based on Cognitive Radio Networks by Evidence Theory
  • An efficient mechanism for Cyber security concept in Internet of Everything (IoE)
  • An effective mechanism for Traffic-Aware Optimal Spectral Access based Wireless Powered in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • An efficient usage of Two Layer Approach in Ubiquitous Web Application Development
  • A new technology of Multi-Layer Ubiquitous Middleware for Bijective Adaptation between Context and Activity based on Mobile and Collaborative learning
  • An effective mechanism for Context-Aware and Digital Rights Management-Enabled Content Adaptation Platform
  • The new process of an Immunization Framework for Social Networks through Big Data on Influence Modeling
  • On the use of Wireless Sensor Networks for Dependable Structural Health Monitoring
  • A novel technique of A Secure, Usable, and Transparent Middleware for Permission Managers based on Android