Core Java Projects Topics List

     Core Java Projects Topics List provides top project topics for final year students in studying B.E, B.Tech, M.E, M.Tech, and M.Phil. Java is the powerful programming language, which gives an opportunity to develop new innovative and inventive solutions and meet the professional needs. Core Java Projects Topics List is the leading platform that offers world class assistance for developing your projects. We support for operating systems, tools, database software, frameworks, IDEs, etc. We offer a wide range of topics list on next generation raised areas, including

  • Cloud computing (Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Tata Instacompute)
  • Big data analytics (Apache Hadoop, HAWQ, Apache Spark, Apache Flink)
  • Mobility (J2ME, Windows Mobile SDK, iOS SDK, Android SDK)
  • Cyber security (Aircrack, OpenVAS, Safe3 scanner, Wireshark)
  • Digital transformation (Oracle, MATRIXX Software, VF Software )

Core Java Projects Topics List

    Core Java Projects Topics List is providing projects topics list (IEEE/Application/Real-Time), project report, project source code with the support of our team of experts. We shape our students with the right knowledge. We provide very easy and innovative projects based on core Java. We have the good experience on Java FX, Java EE, Embedded Java and Cloud based Java. Let’s get started,

     …..”Data structures lays a strong foundation in developing Core Java Projects. Here we covers advanced Data Structures and Algorithms in Java. In addition to this, we provided some basic algorithms for beginners. Once you commit with your project, you get a clear picture of Core Java Programming”.

Data Structures

  • Programming in Stack
  • Programming in Queue
  • Linked List (Linear and Circular)
  • Programming in Queue using Stack
  • Programming using Tree (Search and Balanced)
  • Programming using Graphs (Directed and Undirected)

Basic Algorithms

  • Binary search
  • Bubble sort
  • Insertion sort
  • Quick sort
  • Heap sort
  • Merge sort
  • Array search algorithms
  • Selection sort
  • Bucket sort
  • LSD and MSD Radix sort
  • Greedy algorithms
  • Randomized algorithms
  • Divide and conquer
  • Dynamic programming

Advanced Algorithms

  • Graph cuts and clustering algorithm
  • Message passing algorithm
  • Dynamic graphs
  • Weisfeiler-Lehman algorithm
  • Graph partitioning
  • Algorithm for solving 3-CNF-SAT problem
  • Hierarchical clustering algorithms
  • New sub quadratic approximation algorithm
  • Linear time FPT algorithms
  • Strong connectivity algorithm

Research Fields using Data Structures

  • Computational Geometry
  • Cryptography (encryption/decryption)
  • Data Compression (compression algorithms)
  • Machine Learning

Data Structures based Core Java Projects Topics List

  • A new source for Travioli method based on a Dynamic Analysis of Detecting Data-Structure Traversals
  • The new process of efficient data structures for density estimation based on large high-dimensional of data
  • An innovative mechanism for Privacy-Preserving Queries over Secret-Shared Graph-Structured Data
  • A fresh method for Generalization error of deep neural networks based on a role of classification margin and data structure
  • On the use of Key-Length-Value based on byte-level data encoding for protocol
  • An inventive performance of new data structures for quasistrict higher categories
  • On the use of UAS mechanism for Analysis of data structures and exploration techniques applied to large 3D marine structures
  • A new-fangled resource for Robust and efficient algorithms based in the storage and retrieval of disk base data structures
  • An effectual performance for new data structure to enhance the speed of frequent pattern mining
  • A competent system of Access control used for secure distributed data structures in Distributed Hash Tables
  • A creative method of Data structure and triangulation algorithm based for non-uniform landscapes
  • The new technology method for Efficient Data Structures on Hybrid Parallel and Vectorized Particle-in-Cell Code
  • An innovative Automatic Method for the Fusion of ALS and TLS LiDAR Data of Robust Assessment based by Tree Crown Structure
  • A new-fangled system of Location Privacy Preservation in Database-Driven Wireless Cognitive Networks through Encrypted Probabilistic Data Structures
  • The fresh development for Application of VARK learning model based by Data structures and algorithms
  • On the effectual performance for De-SAG based by De-anonymization of Structure-Attribute Graph Data
  • An efficient process of Improving Signal Subspace Identification based for Weighted Graph Structure of Data
  • On the use of Delta Debugging to Minimize Stress Tests for Concurrent Data Structures


       If you are not satisfied with these project topics, we will provide new ideas that are not used by anyone. We support for multiple programming languages, multiple runtimes, multiple frameworks, multiple Java architectural designs etc.