Java Web Application Projects Topics

    Java Web Application Projects Topics is introduced to provide a wide range of custom solutions for students across the globe. Our organization is having a strong research team of trained experts with a high experience. We trust in creativity and inventiveness hence we provide always quality products and services for our clients. We have the skills through existing experience and updated knowledge so we can build modern web and mobile applications and services. We offer training programs for understanding of web application concepts and technology such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript Libraries. As our online service is increasingly becoming a competitive and useful solution for students. In case of emergency, please use our 24/7 service.

Java Web Application Projects Topics

   Java Web Application Projects Topics is intended for anyone tasked with developing web application based projects. To maximize the benefits of our customers, we hired application developers, security analysts, professional technocrats, project testers who provide proper guidance for implementing their web applications. By the end of this page, we have listed Java Web Application Projects Topics. If you require, pick any one of the topics.

Web Applications 2017

  • Web Authentication Applications using OpenAM
  • Building the Semantic Web using Web 3.0
  • Group Micro-Blogging using WordPress
  • Facebook Apps Development
  • HTML5 Web Sockets for updating the Web pages
  • Offline Web Applications using HTML5 Local Storage
  • Web Exploitation in Cyber Attacks
  • Varnish 3.0 for Web Acceleration
  • Integration of Eclipse and Google App Engine

Research Areas and Some Highlighted Topics

Web Application Research

  • Semantic web
  • Client-side scripting and programming
  • Web testing techniques
  • Rapid development
  • Server-side scripting
  • Web publishing in HTML and XML

Information and Database Management

  • Data retrieval and querying techniques
  • Multimedia design and production techniques
  • Data conceptual notations and designing
  • Digitization techniques and authoring aspects

Hypermedia Engineering

  • Navigational design
  • Development methods
  • Linking
  • Evaluation and metrics

Network Engineering

  • Distributed computing
  • Network architecture
  • Network protocols

Human Computer Interaction

  • User interfaces design
  • Interaction techniques
  • Electronic and print publishing
  • Mobile and handheld computers access

Java based Technologies Purpose

 Web Services

  • JAXM (Java API for XML Messaging)
  • JAXP (Java API for XML Processing)
  • JAXR (Java API for XML Repositories)
  • JAX-RPC (Java API for XML based Remote Procedure Call)
  • SAAJ (SOAP with Attachments API for Java)
  • JAXB (Java Architecture for XML Binding)

Web Specific Technologies

  • Java Server Pages
  • Java Serverpages Standard Tag Library (JSTL)
  • Java Servlets
  • Java Server Pages
  • JavaFX, AngularJS and Microsoft Silverlight

DB Connectivity

  • JDBC

Mobile Oriented Technologies

  • J2EE CC/PP Processing
  • J2ME
  • J2EE Client Provisioning

Peer-to-Peer Protocol

  • JXTA

Recent Java Web Application Projects Topics

  • A new framework for Web App Security Comparison and Categorization of Testing application
  • An effective mechanism for Finding Redundancy in Web application based Mutation Operators
  • A new performance for fast browsing model based web contents on wearable devices
  • A new technology based method on Understanding Smartphone Sensor and App Data for Enhancing web application Security of Secret Questions
  • The new process of web application Approach to Web Services Selection for Multiple Users
  • An efficient mechanism for Web API recommendation based on service cooperative network
  • The new mechanism of WebAPIRec based on Recommending Web APIs to Software Projects using Personalized Ranking in web application
  • An effective method for Reengineering Fuzzy Spatiotemporal UML Data Model Into Fuzzy Spatiotemporal XML Model in web application
  • An useful mechanism for Cloud Benchmarking web application Maximising Performance of Scientific Applications
  • The new process of An interoperable approach for Sensor Web provenance in wenb application
  • An efficient performance for Developing geospatial Web service and system of SMAP soil moisture monitoring in web application
  • A new source of Social media geo-sensing services for EO missions under sensor web environment by web application
  • The novel technique of datacube approach to agro-geoinformatics based on web application
  • An effective performance of Markov game privacy preserving model in retail web applications
  • The new mechanism for Browsing an Augmented Reality with Named Data Networking in web application
  • An proficient performance for Markov Regenerative Models of WebServers for Their User-Perceived Availability and Bottlenecks in web application
  • The new system for Integrating Tag, Topic, Co-Occurrence, and Popularity to Recommend Web APIs for Mashup Creation in web application