Major Project Topics in Java

      Major Project Topics in Java is created for students and research scholars. We provide project in all the research areas which is developed as per university and college standard. Our scope is to deliver the best final year project for students. We offer 1000+ best project ideas for students to take best project topic because your final year project give a chance to improve your academic marks. By doing final year projects, students can gain strong practical knowledge and learning experience. For this reason, we recommend students do final year projects to enhance their skill-set, where students implement in the own way. Students from any disciplines can collect your best project topics from us. We provide project topics for both major and mini projects.

Major Project Topics in Java

     Major Project Topics in Java is an important aspect for our institute, which provides enormous ideas for your single project. Java is one of the best programming language of choice at any graduation levels like undergraduate/postgraduate. Currently everyone has an interest to take innovative ideas to doing final year projects. Many desktop tools, server side applications and highly secure mobile applications are written using Java. In this page, we will see what kind of project topics are currently emerging in the world, which domain sector is exactly used Java in real world.

Major Research Interest Include

UI innovations

  • 3D UI (Clutter)

Server applications

  • Data processing apps e.g. Finance sector

Signal processing tools

  • Filter generation tools, Matlab integration

Signal processing algorithms

  • Audio/Video Codecs, Machine Recognition, Security/Weather Monitors

Embedded web services

  • OpenSocial/Facebook plug-ins, JXTA, Helma

Cloud computing solutions

  • PaaS, Java development 2.0, Amazon’s cloud platform, Smart cloud applications

Major Full Cycle of Java Development


  • Analyse and specify he problem
  • Design the problem solution
  • Project implementation
  • Test and verify implementation
  • Update and maintain outputs


  • Java IDEs
  • Java Editions (Java EE, Java ME, Java SE, Java Card)
  • ioS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Symbian

Areas of Expertise

  • Application development
  • Database development
  • Application migration and refactoring
  • Project development
  • Quality assurance
  • Maintenance and support

Major Domain Sector using Java

     Nowadays, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is preferred and used in various real-world applications (e.g. speech and language technology). NLP is defined as the automatic processing of human language, which is also related to AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Top 5 NLP Trends using Java

  • Information retrieval
  • Information extraction
  • Question answering
  • Machine translation
  • Sentiment analysis

Java NLP Libraries

  • GATE
  • OpenNLP
  • Standford CoreNLP
  • LingPipe
  • CogComp NLP
  • Freeling
  • Apache Lucene Core
  • JGiggLDA

Well-Known Algorithms

  • State space search
  • Dynamic programming
  • Vector space model
  • Graph algorithms (e.g. degree of centrality)
  • Supervised algorithms

               -Logistic regression

               -Support vector machines

               -Neural networks

               -Linear regression

  • Unsupervised algorithms

               -Principal component analysis

               -K-means clustering

Key Application Areas of NLP

  • Grammar checking and spelling
  • Dialogue system
  • Natural language interfaces to databases
  • Machine aided translation
  • Document clustering
  • Document classification (routing and filtering)
  • Text segmentation
  • Report generation
  • Email understanding
  • Text Level Analysis
  • Sentence Level Analysis
  • Document Level Analysis

Major Project Topics in Java (Natural Language Processing)

  • Group Sparse Representation for Image Compressive Sensing through Truncated Nuclear Norm Minimization
  • Multimedia Classification Using an Efficient Deep Residual Inception Network
  • Visually Similar Content Images using a Beta Fuzzy Near-set Approach to Research
  • Wandering Spiders Using Feature Based Orientation Estimation from Top-View Image Sequences
  • Bi-Directional Saliency Similarity and Neural Scene Statistical Modeling Based Image Retargeting Using Full Reference Quality Assessment
  • Variable Block Size Image Segmentation and Adaptive Gaussian Filtering for Noise Estimation
  • Reproducible Research by Hardware and Software in Audio Array Signal Processing
  • Multi-temporal RADAR SAT-2 Images for Optimized Rule Based Flood Mapping Technique in the Tropical Region
  • Orbital Angular Momentum Shift Keying Using Machine Learning By Adaptive Demodulator.
  • Quantum Inspired Ant Colony Algorithm Application in Automatic Tomato Image Segmentation