Popular Java Projects

     Popular Java Projects make more welcoming approach towards student projects. According to the Java growth rates, we uplift our student’s knowledge. Today, we focus on an individual student’s sound knowledge, background, experiences, capabilities, perspectives and needs. Our Popular Java Projects is the most popular service. This is just because of our support on popular libraries, tools, frameworks and classes. If you just started an undergraduate project, we support till your doctorate research. Call us now for more information.

Popular Java Projects

     Popular Java Projects is a one stop solution for all your needs. We provide popular Java projects using various tools like Eclipse IDE for Java EE, NetBeans IDE 8.2, Java SE Development Kit 8, Microsoft Visual Studio and others. Java is a single solution for today’s problems including NLP, Game Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Audio Processing, Native Apps Development, etc. Java is the server-side programming language for developing native Android apps. Nearly, 70% of the developers develop native apps using Java. We can develop Android apps using a number of different tools and IDEs, including IntelliJ IDEA (JDK 1.6 or later), Android SDK, Visual Studio with Xamarin, Android Studio, etc.

We give support on

  • 100+ Java Classes (e.g. java.io.IOException)
  • 70,000+ Java Libraries (e.g. Log4j, Junit)
  • 500+ Java APIs (e.g. java.util.List)
  • 100+ Java Frameworks (e.g. GUI)
  • 500+ Java Software (e.g. Web Crawler)
  • 200+ Java Tools (e.g. Image Processing (ImageJ))
  • 500+ Other Java Toolkits (e.g. Dojo (AJAX toolkit))

Popular Java Project Areas

  • API Integration (e.g. REST service with Java)
  • Authentication and Security (e.g. Public Cloud)
  • Business (e.g. Software development)
  • Collections (e.g. Sets, Queue, Interface)
  • Date and Time (e.g. Calendar and Date Classes)
  • Database (e.g. JDBC and MySQL)
  • Dependency Injection (e.g. Spring framework)
  • Functional Programming (e.g. High Order Programming)
  • Game Development (e.g. Pursuit Evasion Game)
  • HTML Parsing (e.g. jsoup, jquery, CSS)
  • IO and Serialization (e.g. Java Custom Serialization)
  • Logging (e.g. Sensitive Information Logging)
  • Machine Learning NLP (e.g. Apache Open NLP)
  • Science (e.g. Data Structures)
  • Video and Imagery (e.g. JxCapture)
  • Web Crawling using Web Crawlers (e.g. Heritrix, Nutch)
  • Web Development (e.g. software bugs, security)

Popular Java Projects Library Type

  • AOP
  • DB
  • Parsing
  • Testing
  • Groovy
  • Gaming
  • Android
  • Utilities
  • Logging
  • Web
  • Parsing
  • Java Extension
  • Mocks

Popular Java Algorithms

  • Java Search Algorithms
  • Java Sorting Algorithms
  • Java Graph Algorithms
  • Java Hash Tables
  • Binary Tree in Java
  • Number theory and other mathematical
  • Network flow and geometrical algorithms
  • Dynamic programming and algorithms

Popular Java Projects List:

  • An effectual performance of Cross-Platform Mobile Applications for Quality Improvement
  • A valuable process of Designing user experiences for policymakers in serious games in the domain based on global food security
  • The new process of Android mobile app development for neural networks based on performance of parameters computation in microstrip antennas
  • An innovative mechanism of Accurate Security Game for Low-Resource by IoT Devices
  • A new process of Multidegree-of-Freedom Motion Platform Based on by Spherical Wheels
  • An innovative mechanism for Interactive visualization toolbox to detect sophisticated android malware
  • On the use of big.LITTLE architectures in repetitive app based on Energy-efficient execution method
  • The new-fangled method of Constrained Stochastic Game in Licensed-Assisted Access for Dynamic Contention by Window Adaptatio
  • A new source for POWERFUL Mobile app fingerprinting by use of power analysis
  • An effectual Leak Semantic process for Identifying abnormal sensitive network transmissions in mobile applications
  • On the use of machine learning algorithms for Android mobile security via detecting and classification of malware based on permissions
  • A new technique of Indirect-Reciprocity Data Fusion Game and Application to Cooperative in Spectrum Sensing
  • An inventive performance for mobile applications based on every pixel counts of Fine-grained UI rendering analysis
  • A new process of Security Semantics Modeling with via Progressive Distillation
  • A competent process of EARMO Mobile Apps Approach for Energy-Aware Refactoring



         We have great opportunities and have years of experience in Java programming. If you have an already choice of popular Java projects idea, please bring to us. We make your project that how you expect from us.